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bug? - changing DONE torrents location : build 22187


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Great stuff so far. I set up my Prefs | Directories to enable the DONE torrents to be dumped into a local dir on my windows machine for my initial testing. After I got things setup like I liked em, I decided I'd rather have my DONE torrents live on a different NAS drive, so I paued everything, changed the prefs to the new Drive, and restarted the client.

However, all the torrents I'd downloaded to the old DONE location were now showing up as

"Cannot load .torrent file from (old DONE location)"

If I point things back to how I set them up originally, its good, but I'm locked down into that dir forever. heh.

Reproduced steps:

1. set Prefs | Directories | torrents DONE to a dir (i picked c:\tor\DONE): OK

2. download a test torrent or two: OK

3. Verify torrent files are in DONE dir: OK

4. close client.

5. make new dir on a diff drive (or maybe just a new dir) i used: "Z:\p2p\tor\DONE": OK

6. Copy all DONE torrents from C:\tor\DONE to Z:\p2p\tor\DONE: ok

7. Hide old DONE dir .. rename c:\tor\DONE to c:\tor\DONE.bak

8. start client: OK

9. set Prefs | Directories | torrents DONE to the new dir (Z:\p2p\tor\DONE)

10. restart client

9. DONE torrents: RED/ERROR

-- Note that all the DONE torrents are complaining that they can't find c:\tor\DONE instead of the new DONE dir on Z

I sorta expected that I'd be able to change the DONE torrents dir. At the moment I cant seem to find a good way to change that directory so that I can keep seeding my torrents if I want to use the DONE dir on Z

Hope this bug report helps.

Version: 2.2b 22187

Window XP sp2

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