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Just make it simple pls?


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Hey... pls open this in notepad...fullscreen

Simple Guide with uTorrent 1.8+ whatever, ok with 2.0.4 some tried with later ones and it says ok.

My simple one setup works with: Windows Xp/Vista/W7 some betas tried also of the eleged w8? but?

Up to yourself... (3 Oct: While writing this I got mail from a friend that says ok with W95)

Many has tried , many has fallen, also many has succseeded -(new statement? If so Remember pebblet74 who tried....)

Make it simple first of all:

-Simplify IE/or what ever browser you use to allways connect with http connections

(I prefer Firefox.... sorry) but same there...

Next of all:

Imagine the web as a map? Not 2D!

If you do this you´ll find it easier to try to find (later on) trackers and much more... :A round ball with you as a center

Next got the uTorrent?

If so: Try to find out what ports are open.

-Mine was: 443, 10000, 59969 ...(many more) and then the one I use now is 45682 (no, I got this during tries with a

bit´16 system, 1987,(simple Q: why is it always an extra . where you don´t need it?) not the joker that is walking and says:

-He found it.... What ever... (I don´t care) Ask the Dot instead..

One port one also could use is 46969 or 53396 but is an try an fail option...

Happy with this?

OK lets continue...

I think you know the General...

-and the same with UI....´s

-directorys are of your own choice(dumb Q actually, should be in installation)

-Connection: if I say kross the choices in the next order(reading from upper left to down right)

X, X, -, X :understood? no? First was: Enable...X Third: Randomize... - (understood now??)

... then.... just write from top to bottom....(jeesus imagined.... how even a simple txt was in short 13860dots in the year 1982, DOT printers? Any rememberence?)

Copy this in the order: 22 0 0 2923 1890 14

-the last numbers could also be: 3 4 8 11 13 14: -your choice

Next is then BitT....

- SUGGEST the following: (from top left down right down)

X X - X X, X X - at the stairs... engage forced...

Q next to the Q?

ok I guess you´ll learned by now:163 100 0 4 or one other choice is(might work?) 841 100 0 22 :correct ratio to 100.

ok this was the simple one. Q? send to pebblet74@hotmail.com former known as dot .


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Open ports depend more on hostile ISPs and random routers and firewalls in use.

There is no numerical relation/correlation between 1 open port and another -- no "harmonics" that means if 1 port is open, another port is likely open as well because it's an even fraction or multiple of the 1st port.

These cannot automatically be known at once, and we recommend removing such roadblocks for testing.

You also have to clarify what "open ports" mean. incoming? outgoing? both?

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