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uTorrent runs in background.


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After downloading Ubuntu, I exited uTorrent from system tray. I checked my firewall active connections, it showed uTorrent was still connected, so that made me check task manager active processes, well uTorrent was still running in the background even though I exited uTorrent from sys tray.

So I ended uTorrent's process through task manager processes. Checked active connections through my firewall & uTorrent was no longer connected.

But if I just start up uTorrent without a torrent downloading and exit uTorrent from sys tray, the process ends as how it should but does not after a torrent is finished as I explained above.

Is this a bug?

If it is a bug I would like to report it so uTorrent may be patched or fixed?

I am running Windows 7 x64.

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