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Why can't I break 1.5MB/sec download.


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I just upgraded my ISP plan from 12MB to 16MB.

On the 12MB plan uTorrent was maxing out at 1.5MB. speedtest.net 12MB

On the 16MB plan uTorrent is maxing out at1.5MB. speedtest.net 13.7MB both .74MB up

I have a call into see why it isn't up higher than 13.7...

Regardless, why can't I get more download speed?

Thanks in advance!


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I just got off with Bell Canada, my ISP.

Here's what he said and what he did...

He bumped me up to:

19MB down and 800kb up... speedtest.net = 16.7MB down and 680kb up

He gave me the option that I could go back down to the previous if I wanted to...

The previous or other option.

16MB down and 1gb up... speedtest.net = 13.7MB down and 740kb up

There is not cost differential to me.

uTorrent is pretty much the reason for me upgrading to a extra highspeed + extra bw usage plan. No gaming.

Which is the best plan for me?

Thanks in advance!!!


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A little line noise on ADSL will make error rates so high that increasing beyond 12 mbit/sec may be illusionary results. Your ISP may not be over-provisioning any, so overheads grow as well to "fill" the extra space.

Networking overheads at 1 mbit/sec are roughly 1/10th (or less!) of what overheads would be at 10 mbit/sec, so as you increase the linespeed further overheads continue to grow as well.

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