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Arabic Translation ( عربي )


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It seems that the online system is down for the time being .... i am going to do some translation....

But i need to know what is the archive type in which the lang pack (.lng) is packaged by.... i update it now by drag & drop in 7-zip ... and works ... may be it is a tar file?

When i finish translating i will post the updated lang pack in this thread....


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The online system µTS is still working. If you don't have access, please send a mail to MaV (with: language, your email-adress, your nick).

In the language-pack there are only included all 100% translated languages. But the .lng-file is created automatical by an admin (MaV, Firon, ...).

You should get it working with a "utorrent.exe.lang.txt" which is 100% translated to arabic, so if you have this txt-file in the same dir as your "utorrent.exe" it will start in arabic. If there are any translation-errors, you will get a log-file.

Check and modify your txt-file until no error comes.

Later, when MaV gives you access to µTS, you can upload your txt-file and all is fine.

Beginning from this point, only corrections are made in µTS!

For beginning, you can check my translation for 1.5 in german to see how it works.

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Here is what i did :

1-downloaded lang pack.

2-extracted english text file.

3-started translating into arabic.

4-renamed the file into "Arabic!eg.txt" and put it in the .lng archive using 7-zip drag & drop.

5-changed the language in utorrent preference menu.

6-worked fine and i can choose arabic from the drop-down menu.

Pardon me but i cannot understand "utorrent.exe.lang.txt" thing... i've already placed the .lng in "C:\Documents and Settings\HOME\Application Data\uTorrent" ...

Anyway ... i am going to send Mr Mav an email....


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Yes, this works for now (and only for now and only for you).

For correct translation and upload translation in µTS you must have a txt-file, which is like the german file, in this way:

english text

arabic text

next english

next arabic text

and so on.

Thats what I mean.

Perhaps MaV can make your txt-file run in µTS, but I don't know.

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Hello again

I got my login info today ... i was able to upload my translation but i have these remarks...

1-the system says it is 100% completed while that is not true...

2-the upload takes very much time and it never says anything, so i had to close and open it again....

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The µTS says 100% completed because all text strings are there. The system doesn't know, if they are in arabic or still in english. So that's ok.

Uploading a complete file does take a lot of time (can be some minutes), but only wait. You will get a message, when upload is complete.

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So ... if i remove the extra english text then it will show the real ratio... right?

I did so and uploaded it(yes it took a lot of time but eventually it finishes) and still the system reports it as 100% completed ... how do i get over this problem?

It is just misleading that it says 100% and its not complete yet...

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I think you should let it as it is.

1) From now on, you should only work with the µTS to translate the rest of text.

2) Or you finish your "utorrent.exe.lang.txt" to 100% translated and do an upload again.

But when you delete english text in the second lines and upload it again, arabic will get off the language-pack.

I think way 2) is better. After this you should only make corrections at µTS.

System shows still 100%, because of uploading a new file with not 100% translated doesn't take effect to missing text. Only translated text will be changed (if changes are made).

If you really want to get your translation out of the language-pack, you have to delete all english text (only 2nd lines!) in µTS, so you get correct %.

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