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Utorrent info Mean ? Thanks.


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I see Utorrent Some info What This mean :

seed 7(87) What is 87 ? I not see 'peers' has a 87 Seed.

peer 59(562) ? I seed 'peers' Page only 59 users, but where other 562 ?

Also, On 'peers' section, I not see My owner Connection, Can I see It ? Also has a one time I see my connection, Why ?

Avail. 10.996. What is Avail. ? 10.996 mean what ?

Flags Ud I HX Sysbomls is what ?

Thanks. Hope answer me.

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I can't found result on search and faq not answer. hope explain me or copy paste the answer. Thanks.

Did you read all 8 tabs of the FAQ or just the first one? Did you click on the links in the FAQ and follow them, then read the page, follow the links from that page and read them?

Hint: Availabilty is explained in #11 on the first page of the FAQ.

Did you read the FAQ at all?

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