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uTorrent payment


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I have to admit, after reading the thread here that "If you paid you got scammed", many of the people in my family line have been fooled, including me. I bought "uTorrent basic package" for $42.99 with 1 year of upgrade for an extra of $9 dollar. So did the son of my aunt, my nephew and a few others related to his family. Even if it was a scam, it's really worth it, yes I think it is. They make alot of money off of uTorrent, but its a full worth program in my opinion and I think it's worth paying for it.

They sell uTorrent in one of my local stores in town with a full greenish box, they must have designed the box themselves. It looks very professional. It comes with a cd too.

Anyways, I discovered the thread about the scam in this forum so I had to write about it.

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