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This upgrade to uTorrent 1.5, is the problem solved that the ratio is now equal to the tracker site.

Because the ratio in the client is with version 1.4 different on the tracker site, in the client the ratio is always


Doesn't anyone has this same problem?

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I can think of a few reasons here that have absolutely nothing to do with µTorrent.

* The tracker in question doesn't update their stats in real-time.

* The stats are only reported by the client when it announces, so how often depends upon the minimum interval set by the tracker.

* You're not properly stopping the torrents and reporting to the tracker when you close a torrent and/or exit your client.

Any of the above reasons would result in a difference between what you see in your client and on the tracker's Web site. I can think of several other reasons as to why there would be variances with the ratio and stuff, but I've never had any issues with µTorrent not reporting stats correctly. There have been problems with other clients, but none that I've seen relating to µTorrent.

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