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Seeding Maximum?


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I seem to remember in older versions of uTorrent being able to set a "maximum" % for seeding a torrent. Now it seems the setting is a "minimum". So I have torrents that seed longer than they should.

Did I just miss the setting somewhere? I don't like seeding more than 150% as that promotes nasty-grams from my ISP about bandwidth usage.

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Read the box and bottom option from the screenshot you provided.

"When uTorrent reaches the seeding goal"

You have it unchecked, so uTorrent does nothing but lower the priority of completed tasks so that torrents that have not met the seeding goal yet get priority over your bandwidth.


"Limit the upload rate to [0: stop]"

Means you check the box and set the value to 0, the torrents will stop when you've met the seeding goal.

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