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Installing uTorrent on FreeNAS


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FreeNAS OS its a linux based OS.

FreeNAS is a "distribution based on FreeBSD," not Linux. Looking at the FreeNAS website, it does have a Bittorrent client, but its 'Transmission'.

It also have a function to install packages

I couldn't find this function in the documentation of FreeNAS, but you would know more about FreeNAS. If this 'install packages' function connects to the FreeBSD Package System, then maybe you might have access to the FreeBSD Ports Collection. Its in the Ports Collection that you would need to install linux_base (the Linux binary compatibility emulator). You're really going to have to read the FreeBSD documentation to get this to work.

Note: You could just install Wine and the Windows version of uTorrent, instead of the Linux binary compatibility emulator with the Linux version of uTorrent; since the Linux version of uTorrent is still an alpha release and its basically on the surface (without actually trying it personally) would be the same amount of effort.

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