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Why so mysterious!?


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Recently I just change my PC, change my OS to windows 7. Routing tru a WRT54G w/DD-WRT firmware. Install uTorrent and did back the settings normally like I used to. Switch off firewall. No anti-virus installed.

I download a torrent my speed was like 30kB/s fixed! It was shit! I have no idea what's happening, so I try to turn off and on back utorrent. The speed is still crap! Then I decided to freshly re-install utorrent, setting all my integer rightly before hitting the Apply button(I usually set a page then hit apply follow by the next page). Re-run the same torrent and this time my speed bursts to a max of 1.5mB/s!! I'm am relieved and lucky I guess that could manage to get back the speed that it used to be. BUT why in the world is this happening? AND this raise to yet another question...

So I was wondering why am I only getting a max speed from just a single (peer/seed) when I have like Seeds 30(417) and Peers 4(37)? What even more funny is that the connection came from a dude in America which is so far out from my country. Furthermore irritating is the fact that my countrymen didn't even share a bit for me! They're closer no? Than a American who is giving me a max speed.

I wouldn't say that I'm having a speed problem (atleast for the moment with this tracker). I'm just confuse and worried about the reason for this happening, because it would certainly be better to get speed with more seeds than just one. What if the seeder went off, my speed would drop instantly, u know what I mean?

Things I could confirm, my ISP not throttling with my connection(Otherwise I wouldn't be able to get this speed yea?)

It isn't with my BT settings because I've clearly check the identicals.

Definitely not the tracker? I suppose..

There are many questions left figuring out when using torrent. It never stabilize even with proper settings! What could've actually gone wrong?!

I really hope that someone could figure it out and tell me about it.

Thanks in advance.

-- Jarken

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Hi Switeck, thanks for the reply man..

Well I'm not certain whether his incoming or outgoing connection or was it encrypted, but I'm very sure it was flagged with US. 2-3 locals were in the connection pool yet they hardly seed me anything! However after an hour or so, the speed manage to split among 3-5 seeders with each seeding about 300kB/s - 400kB/s still with max of 1.5mB/s. Again they aren't locals, they're US and JAP.

AND you might be right that something is throttling my connection, because right after the download is completed. I went back for the same tracker but different file and the speed was limited to just 20kB/s! It just couldn't manage to pass that range, felt like something is restricting it! So I let the net rest an overnight before raping the connection again. BUT this time it only manage to hit up about 220kB/s. Guess what now? The speed came from a local dude seeding me with 140kB/s and the rest came from some seeders with like 0.5kB/s,7.0kB/s. There was another local dude in the swarm but that guy is hopeless as he's seeding like 4.0kB/s. THAN same thing, after like 30mins the Speed burst once more to MAX. Same thing with the speed coming all the way from US! While my hopeless locals just couldn't contribute, and they're like neighborhood being that my country is freaking small...

Why couldn't I reach the same max speed after the first download during that night? The 20kB/s restriction? what in the world my ISP DO I should sue them!

Why after an overnight rest, the speed came back on?

Why does it takes 30mins before the connection would establish itself to max speed? Shouldn't it be faster?

Why couldn't my locals seed to me like the seeders from US could. Those numbers don't come with a peanut they come massively, unlike the locals seeding me with what? 4.0kB/s?!

I simply don't get it! And would really hope for an answer. Could this be bugs?

Oya and one thing. While I am so frustrated that night with the 20kB/s. I recheck my settings, nothing been change. Not working.. I did the port forwarding test saying about "not using UPNP blahblahblah" and couldn't manage to get tru it. So I turn on the UPNP in my router, and this time it work? Not quite as I try to test times again I notice that I could only manage to get 50-50 chances. Sometime it Went Green, sometime it just ask that "Not using UPNP blahblahblah". Is this a bug too? (Do note that after the test I revert everything back so it got nothing to do after the overnight)

I also always keep my Enabling UPnP and NAT-PMP port mapping even while I'm not using it. Is it alright?

Thanks in advance,

-- Jarken

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Many ips are misflagged. I have Resolve IPs disabled in uTorrent partially for that reason.

If I want to know, bare ips are more accurate anyway.

But assuming those ips are indeed what the flag says...it can still be faulty throttling and disruption by your ISP or their upstream provider ISP.

3rd link in my signature, just to get an idea how hard it is to fight that.

UPnP and NAT-PMP are unreliable...they can even "fight it out" if both are enabled.

Enable just UPnP if you need it....or enable just NAT-PMP if your networking better handles that.

I use neither, as I've manually port forwarded my router and modem-router.

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I did a /whois on the IP not mistaken it was indeed from US.

While I tried to use other trackers my speed went totally dead! It seems like I only manage to suck up connection from that one and only tracker. I took my time to read on the 3rd link post. I appreciate as it answered most of my confusion, I clearly felt my ISP is throttling my connection. However, base on what is given from the 3rd post looks to me like it's more like a detection of whether being throttled or not than a solution to bypass the throttling. (Given that I've yet to test it out I don't know) but I wouldn't take my chances to try anyhow tweaking my settings or to use a proxy ip, I will only if you would please tell me 80% chance it'll workout just fine.. Hopefully best is not get detected.

I also tested out that with/without Enabling UPnP and NAT-PMP doesn't make any difference to my speed. Also, I always Enabled Outgoing protocol and tick allow incoming legacy connections.(Shouldn't that be enough to render off the throttling anyway?) You have to pardon me on this one, sometime I just have doubt that half of the torrent settings are useful. You can set like Enabling UPnP or something, and in the end you'll still get the same result OR you could tweak around with the integer in upload/download, those speed still couldn't even get pass that 20kB/s. The only setting that perhaps really work is enabling Outgoing protocol, but now it too seem not as effective as it used to be.

Atleast that is not the most irritating part. What most annoying is the fact that when ISP is throttling the connection, we couldn't know whether which port they are blocking, how much bandwidth they limited, or they simply just blacklisted our MAC address?(Could that be possible?) Even when I'm on a Dynamic IP system, those idiot only change my ip between 3 different ones.. I mean whatthe...

Anyway.. Thanks for the guidance.

-- Jarken

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UPnP and NAT-PMP only has an effect on your network, as far as I know...so I only recommend disabling that because they can conflict with each other and/or conflict with manual port forwarding. Saves a _very_ tiny amount of bandwidth too. :P (like 1 KB every 5 minutes)

"I always Enabled Outgoing protocol and tick allow incoming legacy connections.(Shouldn't that be enough to render off the throttling anyway?)"

No, that's almost the exact opposite of what you need to do.

Allowing incoming legacy connections = allowing incoming unencrypted peer/seed connections that the ISP can easily read. You want to hide, you don't have that checked!

Enabling outgoing protocol encryption means use encryption "usually" rather than "always" like FORCED does.

Keep in mind that not only can the ISP detect BitTorrent traffic directly from reading the unencrypted BitTorrent peer/seed packets, they can also read tracker updates...unless tracker updates are done via HTTPS trackers OR tracker updates are sent through a proxy.

On top of all this, some ISPs are throttling if they see lots of unknown connections at once. That "lots" though could be >10, it could be >100.

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Lols 1KB/5min?! I would thought leaving it alone, but come to think about it I usually download files which are over 10GB. For god know how long it would take! I'll save every bit of the bandwidth just so I could eventually download more.

BTW, I try setting this

UPnP and NAT-PMP: Unchecked //like I said it doesn't really doesn't make any difference

Allow incoming legacy connections : Unchecked //Duh I felt that it doesn't really make any difference to the speed, but to keep myself as undetectable as possible from ISP is always better so I unchecked it like u said.

Global maximum number of connections: 550 //Better increase of swarm I think

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 500 //Same thing

Number of upload slots per torrent: 6 //Dunno what this do nothing really but I like 6

net.max_halfopen : to [140]* // I felt this setting increase the respond time of receiving seeds and therefore speed.

bt.transp_disposition : to [5]* //This one is perhaps the most effective to the speed somehow this setting restrict and renders off Useless ON EVERY SETTINGS I MADE!

Enable bandwidth management [uTP] : Unchecked //won't be any use anyway right?

I finally could manage to pass that awful 20kB/s mark and got around 60-80kB/s! The speed now for that torrent is still pretty unstable, I'm not sure would this be permanent success or just another lucky duck.

When I was using a really poor spec computer I couldn't manage to set everything this high.. Everything will go crazy like torrent freeze, net freeze and such... Once I've change to this new better spec comp+upgrade to win7 everything works perfectly fine with such settings. I guess Spec does play a huge part?

However I also found out that having better spec doesn't necessarily mean I'll be able to get a better speed. I simply just import my old torrent settings into this new comp and everything went nutz! It just couldn't manage work that way I guess! Somehow the torrent work only when the settings is set to be compatible with the system and not just with the SPEED you got tested from speedtest.net or wherever.. Because with my poor spec computer I always manage to get a minimum of 1mB/s! And not this comp which is like processing 10x faster.

The conclusion here is that having better spec doesn't give you better speed! However it does give you better processing. Ofcuz there are other various reason like ISP throttling, then I check and tweak I now believe that the utorrent settings somehow just alittle MANAGE to bypass it.

I'll be back to report to see that tracker is LUCK or really works!

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Ok after certain test result.. Not sure why, but It's confirmed that the uTP is causing me problems. I decided to switch every option that utilizes the uTP and everything is working fine right now. Although sometime the speed is rather unstable, that's probably the tracker I guess.

I also notice that my ISP throttled my speed on a time schedule basis during the afternoon. Nothing can be done about that duh.

Anyway I'm glad something is resolved.

Thanks alot for taking your time to help me out Switeck. Bless ya!

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Your changes to Global max connections, max connections per torrent, upload slots, and net.max_halfopen are exactly the opposite direction of what's suggesting in *ALL* the troubleshooting guides at this forum...so I wouldn't expect a wonderful improvement from any of that.

What's your effective upload speed max in uTorrent anyway?

(This could be MUCH lower than the max upload speed for your line!)

Uploading faster than this amount probably just causes lots of lag and drops download speeds to a tiny fraction of normal max.

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I seriously don't know man, I read alot of troubleshooting techniques and various settings by moderators(afterall they are better no doubt), but I have to admit not every single one of their recommendation benefit me(most of them really). Some could show me a great result today and completely useless the day after, and I would sit here asking for the reason that nobody in the world could answer..

Duh.. True enough this current settings is totally bogus and awful to many, then again I have my reason for it.. Certainly not be the perfect setting but honestly say so long as it works better with each try I really couldn't careless.

When Enabling uTP


When Disabling uTP You can clearly see the result SPIKE! Why? I DUNNO



This is the reason why I have to set everything that high. Just look, without having the need of any explanation you can clearly tell that out of the number of connections I'm getting ONLY one SeedGOD out there is willing to share his goodies to me while the rest is seriously F*up.. More = more chances to meet SeedGOD!


I'm not sure about the above problems. However if you think that you can help me and guide me through it continue to read on for some provided infos.





From Speedtest.net


My settings

Upload = 128

Download = 0

The rest of the changes is indicated above this post..

Please Note That: Although it Might not be a valid reason enough because I seriously don't know what the settings does behind the scene.. All I would care about is WHAT I CAN SEE and it works..

I would love to if there is an explanation for them, duh I doubt again that anyone could answer me so just leave it be.

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Here is another example I used this settings on a really bad tracker(What people say when they look at the statistic having about only 100seeds and 1000peers DAMN)! Whatever or whoever is spouting that crap around sure need to re-phase himself. It's giving me a massive speed, so it ain't really THAT bad...

Liking that 1 in a million American dudes!


Stingy locals...!


Paint got a nice upgrade duh still suck ballz..

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