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checking...(and frozen windows).


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Here a situation:

(after investigation)

1. download folder on 1.5TB WD GREEN

2. start download something big(8GB splitted 100MB per file)

3. ...oops, and electricity is gone (shit happened)

4. i start the system

5. i run uTorrent

6. when uTorrent begin checking files, system start froze every 20-30 secs(impossible to work)

7. to solve this i remove incompleted files, and start again from 0.

Suggestions ?


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Yes, this sata drive and destination disk is clean of errors.

It's start happening when i switched from IDE drive as destination to GREEN sata drive.

I don't know where is the problem, but trouble begins when start checking this big(8GB=80x100MB) downloads.

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