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Wont pass .1kB/s


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Ok, so im using bit torrent.. dont know a whole lot about torrents, so not sure if posting here is the right place. :]

Anyways, im downloading somthing that is 570 mbs in size. status says downloading.

Also says i have 0(38) seeds. and 16(44) peers.

i have no download speed, but every like, 20 seconds it will pop up, say .1kB/s and disappears again..i was downloading fine for a while, brought me up to 27.9% done, then started this.

Also, i read around and found out i should go to Logger > Peer Traffic logging > and put log disconnects and log incoming connections. and it seems that i see alot of:

"Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)"

And a few

"Disconnect: Connection closed."

Also, i went to a website and did a ISP throttling test. and it turned out that they weren't.

As i said, i dont know alot about torrents, so any advice would be great. :] also if you need any more information, just ask me, and ill try my best to get it for you. :]

Thanks in advance. =D

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Atm it is at .550.

Also, i would like to say that, i tried a completly diffrient torrent on another computer, that i can see had alot of seeding, and its downloading was also, very slow. and decreasing. while still saying:

"Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)"

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