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First created label got... eaten. And then regurgitated.


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Hi forum! First of all, I did a quick search (about half an hour) trying to find if anyone else has come across a similar bug, to no avail. I can be quite blind sometimes, so no guarantees the bug wouldn't be already reported. Possibly even somewhere very near. Well, off to descripting!

So, I just updated to 1.5 b437. Noticed the sidebar (ooohhh, nice), and rediscovered this whole "label" feature. The first label I created was, uh, "Linuxdistros", and alakazaam! There appeared a new label on the sidebar. Except its name was "No label". In that "No label", there was every other torrent except the one I just made a new label for.

Not to be discouraged, I made a new label for another torrent, uh, "Reallyreallyoldgames". BAM! And it was so. This new label showed up right in the list of labels. Lo and behold, all other torrents that I labeled as "Reallyreallyoldgames" were magically transfered there. Yet the fun part here was that I could choose from context menu whether I wanted to move the currently selected torrent to "Linuxdistros" or "Reallyreallyoldgames", even though on the label list sidebar there only was "No label" and "Reallyreallyoldgames".

I created yet another label, which I called simply "Bob". "Bob" was born, and almost immediately "Bob" got a friend he cared for (I put a torrent under "Bob"), and he stood beside "Reallyreallyoldgames". But I was trying to figure out why in the list of labels (on the sidebar, the context menu was showing up right!) there was "No labels" instead of "Linuxdistros". As a last resort I restarted µTorrent (GASP!), and when µ got back online, to my horror, "Bob" was missing!

Now on the sidebar there was only "No label", "Linuxdistros" (which got back from the belly of the beast) and "Reallyreallyoldgames", and "Bob" was nowhere to be found. Later, I realised, "Bob" had gone into hiding in the context menu. There was "Linuxdistro", "Reallyreallyoldgames" and "Bob".

Any ideas people? Running vanilla Windows XP (with lots of resourcehogging software though).

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Well, that's what I get by trying to be creative.

So, in essence: I assign a label that hasn't been used at all to a torrent -> label isn't shown on the sidebar; instead, what appears is No label. I assign another new label, which is shown quite nicely on the sidebar. BOTH labels, however, showup on the torrent contextmenu under Label->

In this particular case, I assign three different labels to torrents, of which the first one wasn't shown on the sidebar. When restarted, the first and the second label are shown, but the last one I created is not (ie. I can't even select it to see only torrents under that label - I can however assign more torrents to that label)

I hope it cleared the issue up a bit.

EDIT: Here's a picture, maybe it tells more than a thousand words:


Oh, and no, I don't have any persistent labels.

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