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Seeds drop to zero

Joe E Dangerously

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I start downloading torrents, though the stuff I'm into is not terribly popular in general, there are usually 5-10 or more seeds. This number invariably drops to zero almost every time. I have checked the FAQ's, tutorials, guides, etc. and cannot find a solution. I do have a basic working knowledge of how to use computers at a level more advanced than most laymen, and so I have checked the ISP, firewall, and BT settings, and everything seems to be in order. I am by no means an expert, but I do know what to do in these situations generally. I even checked all the guides for anything I did not already know, and did not find anything. I also updated the tracker a number of times, but I usually wait about 24 hours, refreshing the tracker a number of times. I seem to be connected to the trackers, but I get 0 seeds and have to stop the torrent and start again. This does no good, however, as the torrents just start over and the files just do not get completed. I am running BT version 7.1 in Windows XP. My UL/DL/port settings are all optimized and the speeds are where they should be. Rarely, I do have a file that is completed, but those almost never have a greater number of seeds or even leeches. I am at a loss.

-Joe E Dangerously

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"My UL/DL/port settings are all optimized and the speeds are where they should be."

I've seen too many times where the settings used couldn't be further from that, despite assurances to the contrary.

Charter Cable ISP may be using a short-term burst mode for both down and up that makes it look "really good" in online speed tests but should not be used as the basis for uTorrent settings. :(

Does the test torrents mentioned in 1st link in my signature download ok?

If the torrents you're after are public torrents, perhaps DHT and Peer Exchange can find some more seeds. If not, they may not exist! Some public trackers intentionally add bogus ips to the peer and seed list, either in error or on purpose...possibly to confuse torrent-monitoring agencies.

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