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Upgraded, all completed torrents now 99% and renamed?


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Last night I upgraded from 1.8.5 (Build 17091) to 2.0.4(Build 22150)

Just to be safe I made a copy of:

Completed files that I was seeding

Incomplete files that I was still downloading

I also copied the .torrent files.

When I had completed the upgrade I added each .torrent file but notice the completed files are now at 99% and downloading. The .torrent file has been copied and has a ".1" appended to it.

I done a search before posting:

If I force a re-check the file does not go back to 99% (as I saw in other posts)

Ive changed core affinity and disk cache as per


but no change.

Win XP SP3

Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66GHz

Corsair 4GB Ram

ASUS P5QL-E iP43 Motherboard

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So it's normal. Edge pieces between downloaded files and skipped files are discarded. So that's why the forced recheck doesn't reach 100%. If you start the torrent job, µT will redownload these edge pieces.

Anyway upgrading should not imply that, it's transparent and doesn't affect the torrents. Next time, make a backup copy of the folder %appdata%\utorrent.

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While researching and searching the forums I did come across posts regarding ~uTorrentPartFile and thought it might be a similar situation I was experiencing but your response confirms it, thank you.

I did make a copy of %appdata%\utorrent but I wanted to go back to original preferences and was worried if I kept this folder I wouldn't get a fresh install.

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