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Will encryption increase CPU usage?


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I assume encryption increases load on CPU.


Will it be very noticeable?


Huh? o_O" I don't really get that.. :P. Or do you perhaps mean the changes will be noticeable Firon and not the CPU load, since you mentioned that will not change..

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No - When I have 50 torrents running, encryption on for all (I am traffic shaped, so all packets are encrypted and decrypted) Only 20 of them are active, but even so, max CPU is 6-7%, and I have a Athlon XP-M at 2.4Ghz, which to say the least is kind of ancient.


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my cpu usage with or without encryption/peer exchange blah blah

the average cpu is 0 to 4% all the time with a spike of 10%

in utorrent, memory never goes above 5MB. ;)

even with AZAREUS encryption enabled the cpu usage was similar

with 0 to 7% cpu usage and spike of 10%.

the memory used by Azareus is over 40MB however!!

just enable Utorrent encryption and forget about it.

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