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My utorrent speed is very slow


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Hi .

I have utorrent 2.0.4 .

I used to be getting 20-50 kb/s , later i got some good times at 500-1mb/s and after that i have bin getting 0-15 kb/s .

This is getting frustrating because i have a 12gb file that i want but will take a year .

I live in the middle east , if there is some area things to change in the preferences please show me and give me them .

I have a Netgear router that is very very strong .

On the other side my up speed is pretty high .

Ty in advance

All i want is around 100 kb/s that will be very helpful

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You've got a problem that experts in the subject of networking probably can't do jack about.

If the ISP is throttling/disrupting BitTorrent and "unknown" (encrypted) traffic, there's almost nothing you can do. But that's assuming the ISP's methods are reliable. I don't know, and I cannot test it for you.

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It depends on the method/s the ISP (and the ISP above it!) is using.

Some methods are so horribly subtle that you can only find out about them for certain if ISP insiders tell you. :(

Other methods, such as known good peers/seeds disconnecting from you almost instantly, is pretty obvious.

Another problem is sorting out ISP disruption/throttling from possible networking hardware and software problems on your end. :(

If you have a cheap+bad router, then peers/seeds may be disconnecting or going very slowly. Some software firewalls (Zone Alarm!) can also cause slow speeds and random disconnects.

Your best bet is to use GOOGLE to find out more inside details about if/when/how your ISP throttles/disrupts networking traffic...just keep in mind unless the posters are serious network analysts (and I'm not one!), they may be misreading the circumstances. :(

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1 fast seed can be worth more than 100 slow seeds, so it's not a matter of numbers...but rather of quality!

Someone can have only 30 KiloBYTES/second upload speed max and still be relatively fast if they're only running 1 torrent and limited connections per torrent to 5-10 and upload slots to 2-4.

Someone can have 10000 KiloBYTES/second upload speed max and be slow to you because they're running 1000's of busy torrents with upload slots set to 100+ each.

...or they can have their upload speed in their BitTorrent program set much lower despite having a fast line.

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