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Slow internet since µTorrent install

Den Brahe

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Can it be that µTorrent slows down my whole homenetwork, even if it isn't downloading anything?

I do not believe that's the reason for my slow internet, but my dad is going to shut down my internet because he is convinced of it

I don't think it's a virus(AVG says not)

Can somebody here help me solve this problem, or at least help me proof that it isn't my pc/µTorrent that's causing this mess

My pc:

Network Adaptor: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

Internet Provider: Telenet ExpressNet (Download: 30Mbps, Upload: 1,25Mbps)

µTorrent Version 2.0.4

Anti-Virus: AVG Free 9.0.682

Greetz Den Brahe

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