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freshman - learning seeding principles


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I have 1 Mbit ADSL connection. I was told that limit of upload could be 20 KB/s for that amount of bandwith.

1) Is that appropriate ?

2) whether I set the max number of active torrent (download and upload) as high (say 7 or 8 while download is 2 or 3) or as low (as active download, say 2 or 3), it is very bare to see the overall upload rate higher than 15 KB/s. Never reach around 20 KB/s. Also, lots of file are uploading at very low rates, such as 0.3-0.5 Kb/s or something like that. Instead I want couple of files share 20Kb/s bandwith with 5 or 6 Kb/s per file. What I am doing wrong ?

3) Is there a way to set a specific torrent upload as specified limit ? (for ex. if I want to seed only one torrent at 20 KB/s)

Thanks in advance.

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