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Downloads not appearing on computer


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I would love some advice. i have used BitTorrent for years and usually whilst i'm downloading a file and once its downloaded it appears in my My downloads folder located in My Documents. However its suddenly just stopped appearing in here. It is still completely downloading and seeding in BitTorrent but appears to be nowwhere on my pc!! I ran a search on my pc through all my files and folders and its coming up it can't find the name of the file i've downloaded! So i thot i'd look at the properties on myBitTorrent to see if I had maybe somehow accidently changed where the file saves once it has downloaded and again I could find nothing. A friend then suggested right clicking on a file currently downloading on BitTorrent and selecting the open containing folder....this did absolutely nothing atall! othing opened up....I then tookBitTorrent offof my system then reinstalled it and i'mstill having the sameproblem!! I'mat my wits end andvery confused!! Ihave unlimited download usauge on my pc so i don't thinkitcanbe that!! Any advice would be gr8 thanx!!

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