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Strange utorrent throttling?


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Hello All,

My first post here. I have been using utorrent since about 1.17 and have found it to be amazing, getting better and better with each release. However, i recently upgraded to 1.4 and since then, i have found something very odd happening, my download speed, across any number of torrents - Will ONLY total to about 20Kb/s.

Now before i get pointed towards several FAQs, i want to say that I have never really had that many problems and have always got the full 110Kb/s that my 1Meg ADSL allows me (in the UK). Here are the standard details that you may require:

- Have definitely got a 'Network OK' message and always have.

- ADSL (120Kb/s Down, 30Kb/s Up after overheads)

- Windows XP Pro SP2

- 3Com Office Connect 3CRWE754G72-A (v1.24 firmware)

- Turned off the firewall in the 3Com router and using the Windows built in one - YES I know... :)

- Portforwarded correctly, checked on the speed test wizard as fine to accept on port chosen

- Using Pipex ADSL, not really had any issues until about a week ago.

Using several different speed tests, i can definitley DL at full speed, so its not the ADSL connection in total. However, i have recently started using a torrent that wasnt on the private tracker i usually use, so i thought it might just be the torrent, but even choosing a private one now with plenty of seeds and not many leechers still results in the same effect.

I am thinking of doing a reinstall, but it seems a bit extreme. I was wondering if anyone knows of any test torrents that are known to be guaranteed high speed, as if it doesnt go well on that then it must be down to the config of my torrent application somehow. I read somewhere that there were torrents like this, but i can remember the post and hence where to look.

Any help would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance


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Tried the OO torrent and still the same activity on 1.4 of utorrent, where it settles to about 20 in total.... Anyway will try to have a go with 1.5 later on. PE, is that one of the new functions of 1.5? I will have to study the change log for a bit i guess.

Thanks Firon for the quick answers - Also, not aware of any throttling by Pipex, in so far as i have been torenting and P2Ping fine since i had my ADSL connection, but maybe 1.5 will sort it all out!


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Yeah' date=' OO is good for testing your download. Also, Pipex reportedly throttles BitTorrent, so I suggest you set PE to Enabled.[/quote']

Where the hell did you hear this, because they certainly don't!

Have a look over on the ADSLguide.org.uk forums. Seems Pipex are throttling BT to 20K/sec on the xtreme4 realm as a trial and are planning to extend this across the whole service!!

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