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Running µTorrent on a WHS


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I would like to hear from those of you who use µTorrent on a Windows Home Server.

I'm currently running µTorrent on a win 7 client, and have verified that the RSS downloader will work the way I need. I've set up the RSS to filter out the things I need, and store it in separate sub folders on the server share depending on what the rss downloader matched. (sort of TV on demand, folder structure Show\Season #\file.ext)

I also use the .!ut file ext feature to prevent media from being recognised until fully downloaded.

So far, I think I should be able to set this up properly on the server the same way, however I do have some questions.

First of all, is it possible to set µTorrent to automatically download and install updates? I would prefer if this was fully automatic as I try to keep all my systems updated.

Also, in most cases the download is completed fairly quickly, but if for some reason the transfer is slow, the whs system will work better if the files are stored in a temporary location outside the shares. and moved to the specified location at the same stage the !ut is removed. Is there an alternative to the complete/incomplete folders? It seems like nomatter how I've tried setting this up, if I specify any download location, the incomplete folder is not being used, meaning that if I use the RSS downloader as I do now, I'm downloading directly to the share and not have a temporary download location at all. on an ordinary windows share, this would be ok, but it causes trouble with the WHS DriveExtender which is why a temp location outside the storage pool is recommended.

Is there a built in way to run µTorrent as a service today?

I will probably find more things when set this up, but want to discuss the things I'm unsure of so far.

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