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why are azeurus peers snubbed in utorrent?


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Snubbing occurs because a peer downloads or uploads too slowly. As far as I know "too slowly" is taking longer than about 15-30 seconds to download or upload a single 16 KiloBYTE chunk/block -- the smallest individual "unit" of a torrent file. (Pieces are typically made up of a few 16 KB chunks/blocks.)

BT clients either due to bad settings or by design will upload so slowly as to fall below this minimum speed/rate. If someone is uploading too fast for their line and downloading from a lot of seeds/peers at the same time, they are very likely to get snubbed by peers and seeds.

If you see the "S" flag, it's pretty much the other side that's guilty of being "too slow" rather than you.

If others snub you, you may only indirectly notice that as your overall speeds may be low.

Allowing LOTS of global and per torrent connections are more likely to get snubbed...by other peers/seeds...just by the law of averages.

Setting upload speed low and/or running lots of torrents at once with too many upload slots each...is almost guaranteed to get snubbed, which will thoroughly sabotage your download speed on poorly seeded torrents...as peers will snub you left-and-right for uploading too slowly to them.

To avoid that, average upload slot speed needs to be about 3-10 KiloBYTES/second for typical ADSL and Cable lines. It should be HIGHER if you're on torrent swarms with typically faster lines -- such as when dealing with seedboxes running on 100 mbit/sec lines.

This means if total upload speed max to uTorrent is 60 KiloBYTES/second then for average upload slot speed to be at least 3 KB/sec you can have no more than 20 upload slots spread across ALL active torrents. So no more than 5 active torrents at once with 4 upload slots each. (5 x 4 = 20)

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