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Please help me and sorry for the trouble


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I have downloaded 2.0.4 and unchecked the letting utorrent through my firewall and I downloaded 2 torrents.

They downloaded pretty fast and I set up my bandwidth and queueing to the 900 kbit/sec like in Switeck chart.

Also after they finished downloading the 2 torrents went in the inactive category and it also says that they are seeding.

Sometimes one torrent goes to the active category to upload for just a little bit.

I want to know if this is normal and if its uploading because I want to upload and not just be a leech.

I am not entirely sure where it says that I have uploaded and much as I have downloaded but I think its the ''RAT'' column which says 0.0 in both torrents.

Please help me out here I would really appreciate every help.

Thank you.

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I followed that specific direction on letting utorrent through my firewall by clicking options then preferences then connections and the box that says add windows firewall exception was already checked.

Do I go to my firewall settings and check the utorrent box in the exceptions category for windows firewall settings?

Is that what I am also suppose to do?

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