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Very slow downloads - Have read as much as I can, any help???

Zeke XA3

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Hello, first off the specs as requested in the sticky

Network OK - Check

Connection Type -

956.3 kilobits per second

Communications 956.3 kilobits per second

Storage 116.7 kilobytes per second

1MB file download 8.8 seconds

Subjective rating Good

Connection type Cable

Data size 1024KB

OS - Win XP Home SP2 (Dont know how to find firmware of network device)

Firewall - Windows - Disabled, Norton Internet Security 2005 - Active

Portfoward - Active and checked using built in checker on U Torrent.

ISP Traffic shaping - Unknown.


Example shot of my downloads.

I left this running for over 8 hours and still i got nothing on my downlaods. I have used ABC where i did get aome speed out of these downloads. I also run Shareza but this has it bandwidth limited to 5kB upload and 10 kB download although it rarely goes above 4kB download. My overall Upload is capped at 20kB during the day and unlimited at night. At the time that screenshot was taken there were no limits in UTorrent and Shareza was using less than 2kB upload and download. Any ideas on how i can improve this? Or is it just a case of I have chosen some bad torrents to download that will take a long time. There seems to be a lot of seeds/peers but i just cant get anything from them even though i am willing to upload at some speed. On ABC most of my torrents are at 100% uploaded because they have been going for so long. I have also run the speed test (Ctl G) it gives me max 7 downloads, i actually put 12 on the go and out of those 12 only the 3 above actually went anywhere!

If you need any more details in helping me please just ask.

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No no limits at all in Net limiter at that time. Although during the day i limit it to 10kB upload so rest of house can use the internet while im at work.

I restarted my router and PC last night and it seemed to have solved itself! Seems to be a problem with my ISP pipex constantly knocking my connection offline and nothing will re-connect properley until i restart both my router and all the programs using the internet.

I got 20kB up/down. Which is better than before. Is my download speed limited to my upload? as during the night I have speed tests reaching over 1 MB/sec download yet it will still hover around the same as my upload (20kB).

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