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High CPU Usage - 3.0 build 22708


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Hi All,

I know this subject has been discussed before. I have used the net.low_cpu in the advanced settings and this helped!

I just thought it should be noted that on 2 out of 3 systems I have this installed on I noticed extended periods of 100% usage. However the one system, my local machine didn't have this issue with the last build, only the current one.


P4 2.4Ghz w/HT - openSUSE 11.3: 100% until net.low_cpu checked

PIII 800Mhz - Ubuntu Server 10.10: so far relatively low cpu usage, without using the flag.

AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core 2.3Ghz - mixed Debian with Lenny base: 100% until flag checked

Hope this information will prove helpful!



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Same problem with build 25127.

Setting net.lowcpu isn't really helping.

I've also lowered the priority of uTorrent in TaskManager, and 'set affinity' to only use 1 CPU (out of 2).

Even still, playback of music or videos is unusable as the stuttering is terrible.

In the last 15 hours, uT has used 4.5hours of CPU time.

uTorrent 2.x was perfect.

I want to keep using v3 for the web interface/mobile app, but if I can't play media, or stream to another computer, it's a no go.



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i have fixed that issue running it not in kde konsole window but the normal shell (ctrl+alt+f1)

now it's 8.0% with webui open and downloading a torrent. wierd issue tho.:D

I acted same as mono2 and i got same result. I haven't enough time to analysis why this happen when we run utserver in KDE konsole, but at least, I am sure your problem will solve if you run ./utserver in normal shell.


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