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1.5 doesn't up or download


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Hi all,

I just updated 1.4 to 1.5 and since then it's not working. No up or download at all. I redownloaded 1.4 and tried that one again and it works fine.

All settings and port settings are just the same in my router and uT client.

WinXP firewall = off

Software Firewall = don't have any

Router = port is same as before and didn't change any port settings and is still the same in uT 1.5 too.

The only thing when updating was that i got a message from MS AntiSpyware about it i wanted to allow ut.bat. I allowed it so that should work too.

Because it didn't work i downloaded 1.5 manually, just to make sure, but still no activity at all!

Also rebooted the PC... so i'm kinda stuck and out of options. Any idea what might cause this?



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Network light color: Yellow

Tracker status: Offline

DHT: Disabled

UPnp = Tried both on and off

Win XP FW exception = tried both on and off

Protocol Encryption = Disabled - Allow legacy on

Other settings:

Enable DHT Network: Off

Enable DHT for new torrents: Off

Enable Peer Exchange: On

Enable Scraping: On

Pre-Allocate all files: On

Append .!ut: Off

I guess this means something in my network doens't work properly. I wonder what it could be since 1.4 worked perfectly. Can't think of anything that might cause this...

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If the tracker is offline, and DHT is disabled, you have no source for peers, so µTorrent won't be able to connect to anyone.

Either enable DHT, or hope that the tracker is down only temporarily.

[EDIT]Do you have DHT disabled in 1.4 aswell ?

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@ DreadWingKnight : like i stated above, got no software firewall, only my router... which has the right port forwarded.

@ Saribro: Yes, disabled in 1.4 as well, i make use of many private trackers and they don't allow DHT. Tried DHT on, but still no succes.


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