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display true amt of data discarded...


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here is my request...

in µtorrent if I dld a torrent & then stop it.... & then start it again µtorrent hides the amt of data discarded during the previous dld session.... the counter then starts from zero again ( neglecting to add the amt of discarded data during the previous session )...

can anything be done to fix this???

but Azureus & Bitcomet show the total amt of data discarded ( since the torrent started dlding )

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but it definitely would be good if it could remember that data...

it would be true transparency...

most other clients ( except Azureus & µtorrent ) usually display false data...but µtorrent shows the facts...not mumbo jumbo....so it would be good if that feature could be incorporated.

ludde if u ever read this ...think abt my request

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