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Count ovals and torrents pane


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Notice how the torrent counts ovals stay the same size whether it's two or three digits. It looks OK now, but it looks extremely messy and unpolished when it's 4 digits. 1000+ numbers don't work here.

Secondly, notice how the Start, Stop, and Remove buttons aren't aligned with the torrents list. This is fine when discrepancy is small, but when the torrents list pane is greatly shrunken or enlarged, the distance is weird.

In contrast, here's Apple Mail:



Ovals resize with the numbers, even if the count is a 1000+ (I suck at reading emails sometimes). Also, every single button to the right of "Get Mail" move in conjunction with the email list pane.

I think Apple Mail's approach is much more polished, and uTorrent Mac's interface would gain from adopting some of Mail's design choices.

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