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1.5 is ugly


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What? 1.5 is ugly? Then what would you think of the previous versions? I really don't think that it is ugly at all but rather way much better than before (it looks great!). Better interface would be good but compared to the previous versions it just great.

And I even think that the GUI design is almost the same level as bitcomet and azureus and still being small as ever. If you just want a good looking torrent client I would recomend you BitSpirit but rather prefer utorrent.

Not only because it is small and ram-free but because it really seems to download files as fast as bitcomet and bitspirit by my experience. I don't know anybody else but I donwloaded the newest version of bitcomet 0.63, azurues and bitspirit, then compared with utorrent downloading at the same time and same file. It seemed that they were downloading at the same speed, except for azureus that was a little bit slower.

I believe that utorrent will look better in the future and the GUI design is fine (please don't change to the old utorrent design).

Keep your good work developers and thanks for the good software!!!

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Is it just me or is the new 1.5 maximus ugly?

Way to popped, or how you would say.

What do you use it for anyway? Are you looking at your torrents for hours and hours? It's a tool, not a Wallpaper TV station or something.

And I disagree, I quite like the new look.

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