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I'm new to this place (and uTorrent).

I'm having a problem getting uTorrent to automatically start downloads from an RSS-feed. I've tried using 1.4, 1.4.2b and now 1.5 and all the same: uTorrent tries to download a torrent with the wrong name.

Example XML for each item from an RSSDD.xml is as follows:



BBC.Planet.Earth.DarkRain.S01E01 (Documentary)






Somehow the torrent file that uTorrent tries to download is called:

BBC.Planet.Earth.DarkRain.S01E01 (Documentary).torrent

In other words it puts ".torrent" behind the title/description instead of using the actual link!

There's no file downloaded or anything except the error message that it was unable to download the torrent (of course).

Am I doing something very wrong? A setting or something?

I tried to search the forums, google and the FAQ... Have I missed something ? :-/

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I just tested that RSS you have there and it works. It's RSS 2.0. The one I'm having trouble with is RSS 0.97. Could this be a problem?

This 2.0 uses <guid> whereas my 0.97 source uses <link> tag. So it's 2 very different feeds.

No file is saved anywhere and I guess that since it says it's unable to load the torrent it's probably requesting the wrong link at the site (title + ".torrent").

I defined an autoload directory and such. It just won't use the link specified in the xml-file :-(

It's a problem both with favorites and when I'm in the releases-tab, right-click on a release and choosing "Open". The error only pops when it's from the releases tab.

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Unfortunately that's not possible, since it's an internal tracker and locked to a user's IP.

I'm a programmer at work and I know that it's far from optimal. But the following should be able to be used as XML-file:

<rss version="0.91">



<description>This is my little test</description>



<title>MyTitle (General - Archives)</title>





This is an example. I guess if you make an xml-file on a local server with the link to a torrent of some kind it should reproduce the problem. I haven't tested it here at home. It was just an idea I got this very moment ;-)

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