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Not Network or Nat Error message either


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Hi People, Im new in the forum but I´ve been using utorrent for I while, the proble I have is that my download speed when I get stuck at 20-25 kbps (when I use browsers I get 50 kbps). The weird thing is that I dont see the Network ok or Nat error, it onle appears once i a while. I followed the 1c3dog´s Mini-Guide step by step but the problem is still there. These are the specifications of my system:

Network Type: ADSL 512 Download - 128 Upload

O.S. : Windows XP SP2

Firewall: Norton Internet Security (but when I use utorrent I desactivate it anyway)

Im using a Lynksys router wireless model WRT54G (I upgrade the firmware to version 4.20.7)

Port Forwarded: 6969 (already open in Windows Firewall n Norton Firewall)

My ISP doesnt block torrents or ports. (Prodigy Mexico)

I really appreciate If you can help me.

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Ooops yeah I forgot to mention I got version 1.5.

I have my upload speed to 11, so I will decrese it to 9 as you said and I´ll tell you what happend.

btw the light is green at the moment but my download speed is 10/20 kB/s when Im trying to get 3 torrents with full sedds and peers.

Also can you tell me why sometimes I get a green or yellor or red light? cos Im see the red light keeping updating the nodes over and over again thx.

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