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...cycle between seedings?

Have a lets say hand full of files (single torrents!), (CC of course from www.legaltorrents.com) ;-) downloaded completly.

Already shared everyone 150%

I want now to cycle between them so that every file will be seeded.

but can not seed more than one file at a time due to limited upload (2000down 200up adsl line)

Is it somehow posible to seed lets say for a given time one torrent than switch to the next one and so on in a cycle over and over automaticly?

I can't see how to do that with the settings.

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Yes. Under Seeding Priority, set the target ratio in percent (eg 200% if you want to seed everything to 2.0). Check "Limit the upload rate to..." and set it to 0.

This way, torrents will seed until 2.0. If there are already too many torrents seeding, they will be "Queued Seeds" and after the other torrents reach 2.0 ("Finished") they will get out of the queue and start seeding.

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thanks splintax for answering.

But this is not exactly what i want to get. What you discripe is what i have now, with 150 percent. but i want to seed this handfull "for ever" with no stop at a certain point but only one after one on a cycling basis.

I dont want to start one by hand, seed it for time or amount x, stop it and start another by hand. This should work automaticly You understand what i want?

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"and you want it to repeat forever"


"cycle based on time, not ratio"

this is equal. i don't care if he goes to the next after a given time or a given ratio. just go around the given torrents over and over again.

With the given settings i think it is only possible to go to a given value and then stop or limit the uplaod to a given rate.

But this limiting wouldn't help me because on a 20KB upload line having more then one torrent active with more then 2 slots would "kill" the swarm speed

10 KB for 2other uploaders is imho better than 2K for 10 uploaders

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