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Skins page revamp? [Tango btskin]


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Yes this new btskin drag 'n drop is awesome. Please let us show its power to your users :D

Don't have a full skin ready yet, but i do have a color palette changing the progress bars / pieces / graph and things to more pleasing colors. :) It's harder than you think getting a bunch of colors together that show what you want it to. :/

And here it is if anyone wants to try (but do not steal !):



A uTorrent default (color-only) is included to revert easily.

And as there are no images in either files it will use the BMP files currently in your utorrent appdata folder if any.

ps. Tango looks good Osmosis ! But no custom colors ? :P

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moogly: Same as before ;), however I have also included these within the btskin:

915 FOOOD's Green Desktop icon (but edited to match main/tray using...),

167 boo's Simple mod v1 green main/tray icon,

and 923 FOOOD's Black Filetype icon to complete the pack.

Maybe at some point the UI devs will take my suggestion into consideration and allow maindoc.ico and a desktop.ico (which would correspond to the Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts) to work from inside the btskin as well, until then you can just rename to .zip, and extract to %AppData%\uTorrent.

Iconic: Eennnhhh too lazy. :P Great work though with the colour palette! Looks promising.

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Why is the Skins page still supporting only the old skinning format (using BMP and ICO) but not the new .btskin format as well? This makes it hard for skin creators to showcase their skins.

Also, how do you add .btskin format skins to the Skins app? The Create a Skin button merely takes me to the same page above, where I can only upload BMP and ICO based skins.

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