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How to open a file


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you can use this clue some other place


right click on the file

choose "open"

"select the program open the list" option


find the utorrent.exe and choose it.

On that screen you will see "Always use the selected program to use for this kind of files" option

click it and "OK"

now every torrent file will open when you click double on it.

On the other hand if your files couldn't integrate in windows,

now you know how to integrate them ;)

But for utorrent please follow the way that ultima show to ya

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hi The box where it says associate with torrent files I am unable to click on it? I have 2 other boxex to be checked? Check association on start up and start u torrent on startup? I have upgraded to 1.5 and am trying to figure out how to get the downloaded file on the desktop? Rose

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