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µTorrent 2.2.1 released


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Is it my computer or µT? But my client 2.2.1 is slow to open itself when I'm downloading a .torrent through Firefox.

It was really faster in 2.2 and the call from Firefox/Vista to open µT was less than 5 sec, now it's from 10 to 15 sec... :|

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I'm on 2.2.1 build 25130. Windows7 64-bit

I'm experiencing a new date issue. I just noticed it so I'm not sure if it was introduced with 25130 or with an earlier build. The "added on" and "completed on" fields have the wrong date when new torrents are added/completed. Ex: new torrents added today are stamped 5/20/2011. My system time is correct. Wondering if anyone else has seen this. Thanks

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It's still on proceses after close even Windows 7 SP1.

Great. I thought it's has been fix' date=' I doubt it's on uTorrent or Windows?

After final release if it's not fix it's time to back to 1.8.5 for me.[/quote']

This bug ipv6. Disable ipv6 - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929852

It's a different bug... they fixed the IPv6 issue, and now there's a UPnP hang. :D Turn off UPnP and the problem will go away.

New build up 25154,no auto update,no changelog.

This is just a promo build. I'll post the changelog shortly.

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After I have installed version 2.2.1 I can no longer limit the upload speed. It keep stuck at maximum, which really slows the download and computer down. Any idea how to change this?

Make that I can't limit the upload and download! (no matter where I change the settings, even in the torrent itself?)

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When downloading multifile torrents and using .!ut extension' date=' approximately every 8th file will not get propely renamed when it is complete. There will be another file with the proper name, but not containing the downloaded data.[/quote']

The issue still here - http://www.imagebam.com/image/95932c126250611

I'm running into the same problem too:

1. uTorrent's 'Status' coluumn shows an 'Error: The system cannot find the file specified' for a torrent.

2. The logger tab has a line: [2011-04-02 21:35:07] Error opening "G:\__uTorrent\In progress\XXXX\XXX_082.jpg":

(Actually, three lines of the same entry.)

3. In the directory with the torrent's files, I have a file "G:\__uTorrent\In progress\XXXX\XXX_082.jpg.!ut"

4. On the 'Files' tab for the torrent, it shows the above file as being 100% complete.

However, as noted above, the file on my hard drive still has the '!ut' extension.

Basically, the same thing w000t showed in his screenshot.

To me, it looks like the rename function that removes the '!ut' extension once a file completes downloading is failing intermittently. I don't remember seeing this problem before, so apparently something got broken in the 2.2.1 release.


I just did a 'force recheck' on that torrent, and that removed the '!ut' extension from the copy of the file on my hard drive, so I should be able to keep downloading the torrent for a while (at least, until the next time this @%#@# bug happens). This happened before to the same torrent earlier today, but then I just did a force recheck without really looking at the details carefully.

This is the first torrent with a large number of files I've downloaded since I switched to 2.2.1, and if I have to hand-hold uTorrent with frequent 'force rechecks' it's going to be pretty frustrating. So I hope you can please undo whatever you did that caused this to break. :D


Just in case somebody out there cares: it just did it again!!!!!

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My total upload speed is much higher than what is transferring in the active torrents. It's also making the speed of my online browsing so much slower. I didn't change any settings from the last update, so I'm not sure what has changed in uTorrent that could be causing this. Any ideas?

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Ya, those are checked. I checked those two days ago to try and see if that would help.

For example, right now it says that I am transferring at a rate of 33 kB/s, but my active torrents only shows 3 torrents uploading right now. 1: 7.0 kB/s, 2: 2.0 kB/s, 3: 0.7 kB/s

Adding those up does not make 33 kB/s. Where is this extra data being uploaded?

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Why? It shows me all of the torrents including non-active ones that are doing nothing. The ones that are downloading or uploading show up in the active torrent category. So it's just less clutter, but anyway, I see the same activity that is not adding up to the right amount it's showing. I should say also that nothing is downloading when this is happening.

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Really unfortunate that I'm getting dial up speeds when browsing the internet with utorrent running. As soon as I close it, everything is nice and speedy. And utorrent is only downloading at a rate of 30 kB/s currently, and uploading at the same speed.

Something is very wrong with this build. I've tried changing all of my settings as suggested here, and other pages. Nothing has worked. I think it's just this build, as it was working previously.

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