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µTorrent 2.2.1 released


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Just a silly question if this version already solved the 2.2 startup torrents checking or is it already disabled by default?

I would like to know before I change my 2.0.4 to this newer version.

Thanks lots. :D

The problem he is referring to is utorrent checking the state of the torrent files on startup. For people with torrents that have a lot of files, this can be time-consuming.

This issue was introduced in r21575, when we fixed the problem people were having with ut adding ".!ut" to the end of completed torrents.

At program start, we check the "started" state. In the case that this torrent is not started, we added a call to verify the have list of the torrent files, to set the completed flags on the file entry objects for that torrent.

It was be tempting to use the "completed on" time as a hint whether to do the verify or not, but we didn't do it that way for reasons of how the !ut extension code works.

We added a fix to mitigate this problem in r23344, by eliminating the disk checks when stopped torrents are added from the resume list on startup. This change also avoids an extra file check if the suffix is already correctly set.

So, no-one should see this problem unless they have *active* torrents with many files.

btw, we need to overhaul the .!ut extension code, but we've got many higher priority tasks at the moment.


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Again: upload rate when not downloading - that download rate in most cases is maximal.

Now, if user wants limit upload rate _when_ downloading, he may change Maximum upload rate - it's illogical, because Maximum upload rate are maximal upload rate that connection have.

So isn't this more logical to revert rates?

Or you cannot understand, why i'm asking for that?

If you don't want to change anything (like these minor requests) then just say that.

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You can still relocate individual files. Still, we're not changing relocate, though we might add a separate function to rename the child folder instead.

I barely able to. I've got this structure: downloads\mydir\1, where I'll put files of my multifile torrent from site one. Done. I want to seed same multifile torrent from another site, but one file has another hash, so I'll put it in downloads\mydir. Re-check is done, file is downloaded, I want to redownload second torrent just to be shure ratio will be counted for all multifile torrent and not for just this file. So i've downloaded .torrent from second site, pointed to downloads\mydir\1, trying to relocate file mentioned abode to downloads\mydir - no luck! The only way is to backup file from downloads\mydir, relocate it (file will be moved from downloads\mydir\1), return moved file back to downloads\mydir\1 and restore file back to downloads\mydir. What's the point of such behaviour?

Sorry if I blow your mind with my terrible english.

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More and more people are agreeing that this needs to be changed. Here's some detailed explanations. You don't need to read the whole thing as long as you understand why this NEEDS to be changed. If you don't understand this, please keep reading. The text in green is my explanation of this problem which I think is the most detailed (maybe too much), but after reading it, there should be no misunderstanding.

I am using V2.2 23071' date=' There seems to be a problem with the relocate command which changes the file name to use. I use multiple sites and I download from 1 site and seed to many but for some reason the txt files inside the torrents wont match at all the sites so I have to change it to multiple versions. But for some reason this version of ut will sometimes come up and say files missing and it wont accept the new file and keeps the old file name. These were completed torrents and were seeding until I restarted ut again. I was using v1.85 etc which did not have this problem. I hae to change it to entire new filename and redownload the unmacthed files to continue. This does not happen to all the torrents so I dont know what is wrong, maybe a memory leak or something. I dont change ut versions so its just that something does not get saved or over written or something that only happens in like 1 in 10 cases.[/color']
Seems to be a problem with the relocate command. If I relocate to file1.txt and do a recheck it will download it and work fine. If I then go and relocate it to file2.txt it renames file1.txt to file2.txt. This should not be happening. UT should not be renaming existing files at all. It should either download file2.txt again like older versions or use an existing file2.txt if present. It should leave file1.txt as it is. This took a while to figure out since I could not understand what was happening with files disappearing and some torrents coming up and saying missing files even though they worked fine before. I know you can rename files in the same window by clicking on the file itself like many of the explorer windows and changing its name. But it should not rename it if its only changed in the file name: file location is used. I only noticed this problem since i upgraded from an older utorrent.

There are also some other problems like unable to change name from file1.txt to file2.txt to file3.txt. It leaves at at file1.txt or file2.txt etc instead of the new name.. This is not renaming the file but relocating it to download to a new filename instead of the default name inside the torrent.

AlienTech: This is not a bug' date=' it's a feature. Actually. That's why you only notice it since you upgraded. It's been long requested that when you change location of existing downloads/files it move them as well to save you the extra steps of moving/renaming it yourself.[/color']

Not sure what you mean here, move the file? I did not even know such a thing existed other than move the torrent after it finished from the unfinished directory.

but it should not rename move files etc other wise... Many of us seed to multiple sites etc and we cant have something automatically delete and change files when a program is not a file manager. And when you have hundreds of torrents it becomes a nightmare to even figure out whats going on when a program starts doing things like this. The relocate command was a great feature with multiple sites due to this feature as we did not have to replicate the entire file set to seed to multiple sites as only the text files inside changed..

Okay after calming down a bit I have tried to figure out how this works although I still have had no luck with some of them since some torrents have many sites and all the renaming was confusing and I gave up after trying to fix 10 or so torrents but I now know why some of the things have happened. But I have purposely not gone to see the help file on how this works to see if I can figure it out, as there are a huge number of posts on many many forums and help topics on the web on how to help people seed to many sites etc using the relocate command using the old method and this would really confuse the issue quite a bit. You should really never ever change the way a command works since the procedure would be all over the web in a few weeks anyway. And even if the new way was posted later, there would be pages and pages away from where the web search took you to. Maybe this should have been a new command like rename instead of relocate or maybe even move. The commands are inverted since what I am doing is really rename and what its doing currently is a real relocate but its already done for years the old way so too late to switch it now. Changing the old way to a new command name would just confuse and make it harder. And when people get confused and things dont work the way as expected eg by reading a help post on how to do things, you pretty much start to lose intrest in doing it with that program.

This has been annoying me for quite some time now. See if my post sounds similar to what you're talking about:

Posted on 10-04-2010:

I just noticed a problem recently:

I used to be able to use the "Relocate..." option on a file in the files tab to get µTorrent to read from a different file in the same folder (for seeding). I have to do this when I want to download a torrent from one tracker and seed it to that tracker and to a second tracker at the same time, where only the nfo file is different in the torrents.

I have 2 of the same torrent (different hashes, same files except for nfo) loaded into µTorrent from 2 different trackers and the only difference between the 2 torrents is the nfo file. One tracker has that torrent with a UNIX nfo file and the second tracker has a DOS nfo file, but otherwise they are exactly the same torrents with the same files.

Now, if I download the torrent (UNIX nfo file) from one tracker and try to load the same torrent (DOS nfo file) from a second tracker to seed to it, µTorrent will hash check the torrent, but since the nfo files don't match, that part of it plus the shared pieces around it will be red in the files tab, and it will try to download those pieces if started. This means not only that it wastes bandwidth downloading the same files over but it also breaks the original torrent from the first tracker because it overwrites the UNIX nfo file with the DOS nfo file.

So, I was very happy when µTorrent gained the "Relocate..." option because now I could get around this problem. If I wanted to download the torrent only once from one tracker and only have one copy of the torrent folder/files on my hard drive and still be able to seed to both trackers from there, I could simply use the procedure below:

What I would do is convert the "file.nfo" (UNIX to DOS) from the downloaded torrent files (from the first tracker) and save it to "file.dos.nfo" (in the same folder) and then point the "file.nfo" in the torrent from the second tracker to the converted file (file.dos.nfo) using the "Relocate..." option in the files tab. Then, when I rechecked the torrent from the second tracker, all the files were blue and I could seed to it without having to re-download any files. This also meant that I could continue seeding the original torrent from the same folder to the first tracker using "file.nfo".

Well, I just tried to do this with the latest build and it doesn't work anymore. It doesn't let me point the "file.nfo" to "file.dos.nfo" located in the same folder using the "Relocate..." option. This is probably because it now tries to actually move the file when using the "Relocate..." option. And moving the file doesn't help me...it's not what I want to do. I simply want to point µTorrent to read from the other file (file.dos.nfo).

This is a problem for me because I now can't do what I was able to do before.

I'm not sure whether "- Fix: relocating of single files" or more likely "- Fix: Make 'Set Download Location...' actually move the torrented data" messed this up as I don't have access to previous builds to test this.

Either way, I would appreciate an option to be able to turn off µTorrent's moving of files when using the "Relocate..." option. Or just make it so that I'm able to point one file to another file like I used to. Thanks.

Anyway I have found a workaround for this problem but I still think it should be fixed (e.g. make it another option or let us turn automatic relocation off so it behaves like before).


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As fatspirit and 420 wrote

For example:

I have two .torrents - №1 torrent i've downloaded, №2 i want to reseed.

They both have images inside them.

Images are md5-identical, but with different filenames.

.torrent №2 besides of image have additional file(an .nfo), i don't have this file.

I relocate image from .torrent №2 to point on image from .torrent №1.

And after rechecking of .torrent №2 image have 99.8%.

But in pieces view there are all pieces present.

This is the problem.

If I start .torrent №2, then it downloads one piece, but md5 of image isn't changed - these piece carries an .nfo file inside and a part of image that I already have.

I understand, that some pieces carry data from two files and do not ask to fix this.

I want to disable hash check of relocated files (i will control integrity of files myself).

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A good question... :) I guess once you start release more builds of the stable version that are not caused by critical issues (like

- Change: Add new Pioneer One promo

and do NOT provide another build for 2.2.1 at the same time we are bound to have fixes in 2.2 that are not in 2.2.1 yet.

Confusing... :(

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2.2 has a higher build number than 2.2.1 at the moment. Have the fixes from 2.2.1 made it to 2.2 already or are they going to be merged sometime in the future? What's the relation?

All this means is that there was a release to 2.2 (stable) after the last release to 2.2.1 (beta). It may or may not be a crucial bugfix, and it's possible that the changes might be merged to 2.2.1 or 3.0.

Build numbers are sequential among all three branches.

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All this means is that ..

No, All this means is that the following fixes are in 2.2. and NOT in 2.2.1 (yet):

-- 2010-12-14: Version 2.2 (build 23774)

- Change: Switch app dialog permission icon from error to question

-- 2010-12-10: Version 2.2 (build 23703)

- Change: minor installer changes

- Fix: speed test sometimes closed sockets twice

- Fix: Ctrl+C copy in files tab

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No, All this means is that the following fixes are in 2.2. and NOT in 2.2.1 (yet)

I do believe Zarggg already covered that.

All this means is that ... it's possible that the changes might be merged to 2.2.1 or 3.0.

Zarggg's answer was plenty complete. A correction was unnecessary.

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Seasons Greetings All

Fairly new to Utorrent, been using it about a year now. I seem to be having trouble with the 2.2.1 bata ver.

When I use the Map feature to view where the people are uploading to me, it locks up on me when I zoom in

and try to zoom out.

Im using 2.2 now and it seems better, but I'll see what happens in the future.

Anyone else have simmular troubles?

Also, what happened to the pirate bay, My tracker list says that they refused connection???



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...and why is the latest build showing XXX.1970 dates on all new torrents / logs ? ... :P

Rafi is correct' date=' the latest build of 2.2.1 (23858) is showing [b']1/1/1970 as the new torrent added on date. :(:lol:

Fix is needed.

The same problem.

At torrent addition, for example, at 13:29 18.12.2010 in the program is displayed that torrent "Added On" at 6:22:07 03.01.1970.

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...and why is the latest build showing XXX.1970 dates on all new torrents / logs ? ... :P

Rafi is correct' date=' the latest build of 2.2.1 (23858) is showing [b']1/1/1970 as the new torrent added on date. :(:lol:

Fix is needed.

The same problem.

At torrent addition, for example, at 13:29 18.12.2010 in the program is displayed that torrent "Added On" at 6:22:07 03.01.1970.

This might be a 64-bit problem, since one of my friends is not experiencing this issue, and he is running in 32-bit.

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New 2.2.1 up with a properly fixed ipfilter (it never quite worked correctly) and some reduced CPU usage in the GUI.

CPU freaks out on latest beta when I run it using wine. Much higher cpu usage than build 23551.

wineserver with µT 23551 - cpu 1-2%

wineserver with µT 23832 - cpu 70-80%

both tests with exactly same torrents active and same settings

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