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Feature Request: Skin Object Management


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Firstly let me comment on how simple the Skins app has made installing skins. No more downloading the file manually and putting it into the skins folder. Its also great to have a preview of the icons, especially after rolling over with the mouse.

The feature request that I think is a great idea is to further treat each skin as an object (for those who take programming) and allow the user to have their own local repository of downloaded skins in addition to the "Recent Skins" tab. Let's call this tab "Downloaded Skins" for the sake of explaining. Under the Downloaded Skins tab, users can manage Skins that they've downloaded similar to how addons are managed in Firefox. This should enable users to switch and delete past skins as they see necessary.

I hope I have describe the requested feature with enough detail. Please feel free to comment on this feature request.

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