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[uTorrent 1.3] Force Re-check doesnt clear current status


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I just had system crash about 20 mins ago..

Quite weird.. OS was running, HDD independed processes was working okey. but

anything that needed to access HDD was not running (hang) and I could not spawn processes..

Anyway, let back to the problem.

I powered down to host, nothing else I could do (bruteforce power-off).

Started again after a while, rechecked partitions.

Utorrent auto-started and was refusing to start one torrent.

So I stoped it and clicked force Re-check and utorrent

didnt cleaned up current downloaded bar.

It should be set to 0% and progressbar should slowly start to checking all pieces

But it was not.. HDD was quiet.. so I was starting to click start/force start/stop/force recheck

few times and finaly I saw my HDD was working hard..

After a while I could start torrent.. *poof* and now im back online.

Problem is, that when you are rechecking partialy (full) downloaded torrent,

uTorrent doesnt cleanup your current checked status.

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