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Recent Convert's HDD getting thrashed


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I recently converted from Bitcomet to UT and the strangest of things is happening to me. I usually download using my laptop (4200rpm drive), With Bitcomet even when I downloaded @ 600K my HDD was pretty OK but with UT I am downloading at ~300K and getting my hard drive thrashed a lot. It takes ages to launch a browser window and the HDD activity light is almost always on. I tried a couple of write cache setting from this forum but I presume that those weren't meant for slow HDDs like mine so can anyone tell me what settings should I change to get UT working smoothly.

Another question

Before running UT.

Free Ram ~370M

Pagefile usage ~120M

File Handles ~4000

After running UT

Free RAM ~50M

Pagefile usage: ~260M

File Handles ~11000

Eventhough the Task Manager is showing that UT is using aaround 20megs of ram may I know where the rest of the resources go?

Thanks alot!

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Probably the System Cache. You are using 1.5, yes?

Is anything else increasing in memory use?

I am using 1.5 build 437

No nothing else is increasing in memory usage. There are no programs except UT running (only 14 processes)

PS: The thrashing only starts to happen after some time. I just restarted UT and the handles/mem usage/ PF usage are the same but the HDD activity isn't that noticeable but after some time it just goes crazy :S

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