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New BitTorrent Browser Bar


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Well... i must confess that i just created this account to sort of complain about the toolbar issue, but i'm not sure about it shows how much this bothers me, or how little i was interested in give my opinion (or support) to the guys that make this... i honestly think it's a little of both.

Anyway, it IS a misleading dialog, i had to read it twice at least to fully get it. :/

I upgraded from inside the aplication, and yes, i saw the blamed dialog window, it did'nt went silent. I was lucky to carefuly read it and fully understand the scenario, and so, i dont have this toolbar at all. Now, given the meny comments about other stuff passed on to the system, i'm not really sure anymore...

Anyway, my system is Windows XP, and the dialog was there, maybe with vista or 7 it just gave an global option about give permission to install? :mad:

In the inside of the app, it looks kind of nicer, but i feel a little unconfortable with the RSS item that i can't hide. I confess i liked the old raw style too, i read that the beta currently been worked on, come with the option of returning to the simpler interface. It will be good.

Regard everybody.

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As other people have said, registered just to tell you I am now switching torrent programs. After all this time of use to become shitty malware esque sell out crap. Honestly that was retarded. Congratulations though on making everyone hate you simultaneously.

I accepted the terms/agreement not noticing that it said it would install the shitty browser bar. You know since it looked like a normal part of the install process.

But alas you have installed something I did not want on my computer so sincerely read the name of this account and kiss my arse. You should have known better when you even thought of doing something like this. You have alternative revenue sources and reaching sellout faggotry point I sincerely hope you fail and flail like oh so many others.

Down rating your programs on all other websites now. Also posting angry rant elsewhere.

Good bye utorrent.

Edit: Also the new UI is ugly to beat all hell, looks like your design skills fell into the shitter along with everything else about you.

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I updated via utorrent, help menu and it installed everything without asking for permission.

This is utterly offensive to loyal users who were already annoyed by the speed problems since version 2.0.

If anybody found another non invasive torrent client, please suggest an alternative! Thanks

Update: I still have to try it but this tutorial should help removing the Conduit crap installed by utorrent


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Also registered simply to tell you what a bad idea this was.

I never EVER accept useless toolbars, and try to keep my system as clean as possible. This was also the reason I used uTorrent. For it's simple, no bullshit approach. I loved it.

But with the latest update, I admit it, I fell for your incredibly deceiving installer. I've come to trust you, and you abused that trust. That installer is like a bad magic trick, aimed purely at diverting attention and confusing people into accepting.

And don't give me that "Well you accepted it" and "oh, just uninstall" stuff. You knew perfectly well what you where doing and what most people would do.

After uninstalling and un-hijacking, it even left folders in my c:\ root. How fucking lazy is that?

I expected more from you guys.

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I too was fooled by the trickery of the checkbox for "Accepting" the License Agreement. Hence forth uTorrent in my book is a malicious and misleading sofware company. I vehemently dislike ALL TOOLBARS.

You took 20 minutes of my life energy to remove that piece of crap toolbar. For that you will forever be on my shit list and every peer in my circle will hear from me about this cheap tac-tic you folks took.

To boot, since I am the IT Mgr at our company I will ensure that your product is complete remove from all of our PC's and will not be allowed on our corporate network ever again.

To bad you stepped in it!

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Sounds like all the people who are complaining are the ones who don't bother reading installer prompts.

I've installed uTorrent countless times since they introduced the toolbar. I've unchecked it every time and not once has the toolbar been installed.

Looks to me like the problem is on the user end.

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I've installed uTorrent countless times since they introduced the toolbar. I've unchecked it every time and not once has the toolbar been installed.

Looks to me like the problem is on the user end.

But if the auto-update doesn't show that dialog, and:

That still leaves behind the Conduit engine files and processes, they are under a separate uninstall entry. And, after running the Conduit uninstallation, the processes remained in my system until I cleaned them out with HijackThis.

Damn it, I might have auto-updated too. Just registered to say **** you, µTorrent.

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Never posted here before, never posting again.

uTorrent has been my preferred client since it came out. You had a good thing going here. This, however, is horseshit. You're welcome to offering your little toolbar during installation, but not to install it without my permission. Someone deserves to be thrown to the wolves for this, and I regrettably must take my business elsewhere in the meanwhile.

As has been said, congratulations, you're the new RealPlayer. And we all know how popular they are these days.

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what i've done :

uninstalling the utorrentbar in the add/remove programs

uninstalling the conduit engine

deleting ALL registry entry with utorrentbar's name on it

deleting ALL registry entry with conduit's name on it

uninstall my browser and reinstalling it

still can't get rid of the utorrentbar

anyone can help me remove the utorrentbar ?

edit: solution found, check post #51

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