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New BitTorrent Browser Bar


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Remember what most great software looked like when they started going down? It's what 2.2 looks like today. I don't know whether it's a coincidence, but the sneaky toolbar and the ugly UI coming out in one package is just a bad sign. It seems uTorrent has begun to change its bussiness plan or its management team. Either way, I just hope they don't screw up like the others did.

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Even though this will be lost in a sea of other replies, I will try anyways.

I am one of the users who deselected all three of those checkboxes, and yet it still installed the toolbar and changed my default homepage.

I am an owner of RapidSpeeds, and have set up hundreds of servers, so I am hardly going to lie about something so simple as this.

You definitely have a bug guys, even if you can't find it, all this feedback can't be wrong.

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Hello, another first and only poster here...

First off, I didn't get the browser hijacking issue reported by other users. Maybe it's been fixed, maybe I just got lucky. Either way, that wasn't an issue for me. Still, after seeing the toolbar option I had to check out the forums to see what the reaction was, and it hasn't been positive.

Even though I wasn't hijacked, very fact that a toolbar installer was even offered bothers me, not to mention the icon and interface changes. I've seen these changes with other programs, and it often marks the beginning of the end as far as geek cred and usability are concerned. Toolbars are obnoxious, and it saddens me to think that you've become one of those programs with a toolbar. And apps? Come on, I just want to download out of print and impossible to find material, not use a torrent program to play a game or send a tweet.

For what it's worth, I won't be abandoning uTorrent, at least not yet. I still think it's the best out there, but that may change with future updates. I can tell you right now, if the next big update includes both the toolbar and adds something else idiotic like skins, that will be the end of it for me.

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I think I may be headed somewhere else as soon as I find a better torrent app. Reason? I installed the new utorrent, but the infamous conduit start page installed with it even when i refused the toolbar. I had to manually remove it, but I don't like it one bit. :mad:

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As you may already know, BitTorrent offers users an optional browser toolbar with the download of our clients.


To kick-off the partnership, we will be offering the bar as an optional download as part of the uTorrent 2.2 update. The bar will continue to be optional, will only download if the offer is accepted and can be uninstalled at anytime.

Funny, the bar installed itself on my computer without ANY questions or even a passing comment, integrated itself into two of my OTHER programs, being IE and Firefox, refuses to be completely removed, even through it's own uninstaller, and there seems to be little to no support from the uTorrent staff as to how I can fix this problem.

Thanks for filling my computer with your shit. That was just what I wanted along with your 'new and improved' (bloated) version of uTorrent. I knew this would happen when BitTorrent bought uTorrent. It was only a matter of time - well, I guess we need a new client to come save us from the shitty torrent clients of the world, just like uTorrent did 5 or so years ago.

I'd sympathize with you, but we went over this already when toolbars were added to the installer ages ago. It's really not new. And unfortunately, toolbars are a necessary evil to keep a company afloat. Just about every damn piece of software has them nowadays. It's what pays for our ability to keep developing the client.

I'd rather you didn't bloat the fuck out of it. Do we really need apps in our torrent client? No. There is truly no real need for apps in a torrent client. I do appreciate that it makes the program less "for illegal uses" and it IS distributing free media - which I applaud. But that doesn't justify an entire application framework.

...The wording for the checkboxes is not decided by us, but by the toolbar partner. It's standard text that's used in any app with toolbars (and maybe misleading, but you really should be reading installers).

This basically says "We have no control over our own installer, and we realize that the text IS misleading, but that's okay because everyone else does it. Also, it's your fault, for not realizing we put misleading text in."

As for the uninstaller itself, it does seem to not be cleaning up very well after itself (sometimes?). I think the main point of confusion is that it doesn't remove the Firefox extension, which currently isn't possible with the way the uninstaller works. But it should hopefully do that in the future.

This basically says "Our uninstaller doesn't work, but we aren't going to stop offering the app, because we don't think anyone will notice." Also, you clearly say here that you can put things INTO Firefox, but not take them back out. Don't you see a problem with that? It's pathetic that, as programmers with a userbase the size of uTorrent's, you would knowingly make changes something without being able to reverse those changes when you're done.

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I, like several others, have registered an account on this forum in order to post this one statement.

You have mentioned your new "partners", as if it is an honest and natural relationship designed to enhance the product and/or user experience. In reality, like a 2-bit whore you "partnered" with a ruthless pimp. You sold your souls for the mighty buck.

If installing the Conduit engine crapware behind the uTorrent client was NOT an underhand move, why didn't your installation program provide specific information upfront? You could have informed the unsuspecting user in a straightforward manner, perhaps with the following statement:

"This uTorrent program will secretly install an intrusive spyware program on your system which, at the very least, will change your search provider in order to track your web browsing habits and present you with highly biased search results. The installed "toolbar" will, in fact, be a highly deceptive yet innocent-looking device which collects, stores and uses your personal data.

This practice is something we consider a valid *marketing* technique, despite the extremely devious method of surreptitiously hijacking your computer, and is designed to provide us with FREE personal data which we, via our *partner*, sell to advertisers who pay hard cash."

Instead, you present the user with a "I accept the License Agreement and Privacy Policy..." checkbox, specifically designed to deceive the totally unsuspecting user who is very accustomed to seeing such a checkbox, and thinks (without closer inspection) that nothing is untoward.

You maintain that the toolbar is "optional", but you USE and ABUSE the TRUST of the user, that has often been built up over years of experience with the uTorrent client. And to associate Conduit with a "Privacy Policy" is an absolute joke. This is plain and simple SOCIAL ENGINEERING, a phenomenon well known from the hacking world (the bad side).

You may twist your words and explanations in order to justify your actions (perhaps even to yourselves), but you KNOW that you have deceived and cheated on your customers.

Shame on you! SHAME ON YOU!


2010-12-10 11:35:42 CMeek BitTorrent Staff:

"Recently, in an effort to provide a better browser bar and improved search, we've switched partners."

> "IMPROVED SEARCH"? You have to be joking???!!!

2010-12-15 14:53:32 Firon Administrator:

"And unfortunately, toolbars are a necessary evil to keep a company afloat. ... It's what pays for our ability to keep developing the client."

> And spreading her legs is a necessary evil to keep a junkie hooker in heroin and crack cocaine.

2010-12-16 10:37:43 Firon Administrator:

"It is not silent shovelware."


And from Conduit's own website:


"Marketplace Issues"

"The app does not contain any offensive, explicit, or forbidden words and terms which may be sex- , torrent- , or gambling-related."

> So no torrents then. Unless of course they can make money, right? Nice to see morals and ethics being upheld.


1. Facebook Connect:

"Facebook Connect can be used to allow your users to securely log in to Facebook via a toolbar component or App. Once logged in, the calling page (in this case, the HTML App or gadget) has access to all the logged-in user's information ..."

> HAS ACCESS TO ALL THE LOGGED-IN USER'S INFORMATION. And what do you think happens next?

2. 3rd Party Cookies:

"Another method of sharing data between your Facebook application and the toolbar front end is by using 3rd party cookies. ...

The 3rd party cookie method is best used when you wish to force the user to login to your existing application's Facebook canvas page before passing the logged-in user information back to the backend servers."


Enough said!

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Just reg'ed an account to say... Whats the problem.

I was promted for the update. I noticed the "Hey, you want a shitty toolbar???" Like you get in a lot of software these days, unticked the boxes and installed. Just to be sure i hadn't done anything nasty I booted into my winpe disk and nothing hooking where it shouldn't be. Yeah, I know people hate change and this is prob not the best tool bar out there, but you have the option to not install it.

In this day and age, I'm surprised more of you are not more careful with install screens. A lot of free helpful programs will install "extras" cause thats how the dev's pay their bills (Yes, computer programmers have bills too such has rent/mortgage, food, beer). Good devs give you the option to say "hey, this helps put food on my table, but i'm not going to force you to install it, jut untick these boxes...". Utorrent isn't the only one that does this. if your not carefull even the flash player will install mcafee scanner crap (even if you have the full blown mcafee suite).

Now, could utorrent gone around doing this better, Yeah sure, but then again everyone could go around doing things better then they do. I wouldn't be surprised if theres a big flashing sign saying "THESE FUCKING TICK BOXES...." in the next release, but I'm sure there would be people moaning about the installer treating them like idiots.

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First and last message.

Removed two entries in add/remove programs, wasted time to get rid of this shitty malware, removed two entries in firefox, changed homepage in IE, still have to check if you also fucked up my registry in some perverse fashion. Uninstalled your client and will never use it again.

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I, like many others, also registered for this forum specifically to complain about this toolbar business.

I was duped by the wording and failed to un-check the third box. I un-installed the toolbar, yet it still resides atop my firefox browser.

I am very disappointed and I am currently looking for a new bit-torrent client as well as instructions for getting rid of this damn toolbar.

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while i understand your desire to make money, perhaps this was not the best way to achieve your aims, but perhaps you already know that.

whatever your rationale, you foresaw this obvious backlash and have chosen at some point during your consultation to just wait it out. this is to be applauded as it speaks volumes and thoroughly expunges misconceptions and lofty tenants to which some may have held you.

as owners and developers of utorrent, it is my belief that you, just as surely, understand and even reflect much of the same criticism of your user base. to use a broad brush, i expect you dislike this style of monetising, perhaps more so even than we. to pose a rather inconsequential and probably rhetorical question, was this always your vision?

what i've registered to say is, this feels like pollution. what's more - you're aware of it. one of your developers even implores a complainant to offer them another solution. sarcastically beggaring their own post with a request for ideas.

this leads me to believe that we as a user base have failed you. for that i am sorry, as you should be as well. i just was not aware that utorrent was in such dire straits. you knew all this would come to pass and factored in the rather serious damage you have now enacted to the brand name upon which you trade... and still chose to go forward. this is a terrible bind for you.

to remedy this, i now offer you my time, in helping you reconcile your need to make money and the desires of your rather linus torbald inspired user base. linus by the way, monetised his project quite well in the end.

honestly though i am no business man, i am a scientist. to my mind, if this tool-bar is the only route open to you as the premier developers in your field, then something is wrong.

in my field, those who do good work and can show meaningful results are often eligible for support from funding bodies. now while i realise what you do as programmers is thoroughly ethical, it is a somewhat difficult issue to surmount. you offer software that with the help of a global network of services, software and hardware makes all information easily accessible, regardless of protections.

i'll check back here, and if you like, i can help think of ideas. i expect though, even with one idea from each and every user of utorrent, that the ink you have signed will, as it has for daemon tools, prevent any back-step, any prevarication and any entertaining of a utorrent without a search bar.

thanks for your time and merry christmas.

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man I loved this toolbars for few minutes :) I porbably turned it off the day it arrived (cause I allways do) but once, JUST ONCE it appeared in my browser, dunno why and I loved it the few minutes I had with it :)

Can anyone please tell me how I turn on the toolbar? It is installed I just need it to appear in my browser and I have looked in the program folder and there is nothing that can help me.

I havnt been using toolbars for years, allways just uninstalled them. I tried the applications for fun, and oh damn toolbars has been improved through years :) How cant ya love the youtube app? The mail or the groove musik thing. Being able to have it running without opening a new page, me like!

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I know that you have been telling everyone that this is just the cost of doing business. Fine, that's the way YOU want to do business. I just wish I knew that uTorrent had been bought by BitTorrent. I would have started looking for a new client sooner

I noticed the third check mark and unchecked it, but even then I knew that the way that was setup alot of people were going to get caught.

First thing I noticed was, WOW, some third grader had crayoned new icons. Then on to the rest of the story. Apps? Sorry the only app I need from my torrent client is...my torrent client. Do I want to go to Facebook from uTorrent? No, not really. Do a search from uTorrent? Why, when the browser that I opened and have configured to look, do and act the way I like it.

Fine, I shut all that junk off, try and fix my shiny new version of uTorrent, make sure that everything is running fine and minimize. Guess what I find when I go back to my browser and uutp server program. Drum Roll please...

My speed is on the order of 1-5 kB and both IE and Firefox keep 404ing because it is taking so long to load a page.

I know this is a very long rant but not nearly so long as it has taken me to try and fix the disaster that you have loosed on me and mine.

Thought you had the greatest product since sliced bread for the last 3 yrs but have switched to qBittorrent and just wanted to let you know that you really screwed the pooch. Still think I'm going to have to reinstall the OS but will just have to wait a day or two before I do that.

Bye Bye

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You don't have to install it.

That's totally NOT the point.

Read your program's slogan' date=' and tell us what's wrong.[/quote']

It's still quite tiny, as I see it, about halfway down my list of programs for RAM usage. Plus, the toolbar never installed for me, due to mebeing paranoid about program installs all around and actually reading everything when doing installs.

Update itself took about 1 minute this way. Download was also fast; took somewhere around 5 seconds with a 24m/1m connection.

Overall, nothing changed. Four years running and I'm still not even thinking about changing torrents software, woop!

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I was able to clear my Hijack This scan by right-clicking on HijackThis.exe and selecting Run as Administrator.

I'm not sure whether I screwed up and checked the box, or if as some are claiming it installs regardless. However, I am not at all happy that to uninstall, not only did I need to remove the toolbar from add/remove programs and from Firefox plugins, but I also had to remove Conduit from add/remove, and although the toolbars were gone by that point, HijackThis didn't run clean!

Count me among the users looking elsewhere for torrent clients.

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I to came here to say I'm leaving.

I'll also join the others and sincerely thank you for the years of service. uTorrent was great and my go to client for a long time. I won't discuss my personal view of this here as it pretty much reflects what a lot of posters have said here and they've summed it up pretty well. You guys know why we're leaving anyways.

Off to download a different client now.

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Here's an idea. If your not happy with a piece of software like Utorrent there is a thing called UNINSTALL. Use it! Piss off and quit whining. Some of us like it and appreciate the changes. :rolleyes:

Just a few points I thought were worth mentioning. First, this is a forum to discuss the new Browser Bar and as such you would assume criticism would be expected, maybe even welcome, to allow it to be any real use at all. Secondly, you would know if you actually read the posts a lot of people are actually planning to uninstall the main program just because they didn't like the Browser Bar. Given that The Bar is only a peripheral component of the main program some of us felt the need to post this in an appropriate forum (you can refer back to my first point if this concept is still troubling you). Finally you could also discover from actually reading the posts that several people have found that the complete removal of the Browser Bar is not achieved by running the uninstaller. This is not something you would expect from a well made and unobtrusive piece of software and consequently some people have felt the necessity to share this fact in an appropriate forum (you can once again refer back to my initial point, we may eventually get there).

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For those of you participating in this toolbar forum, thank you. Believe it or not, we listen and appreciate the feedback. I am sorry to learn of your frustrations and even worse, to lose many of you as customers.

When we read of customers having problems with the new toolbar we, with the help of Conduit, began to investigate the mentioned issues. While at first we were unable to reproduce any of the issues, eventually we did isolate a bug affecting a niche group of users during uninstall.

In isolated cases for IE users, during uninstall a server either timed-out or failed to connect for some reason. Last week Conduit corrected the issue and took measures to prevent this from occurring in the future. Anyone that was affected by the bug can now complete the clean uninstall.

I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate that you took the time to provide the feedback for us to track and fix the issue.


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It was heartening to hear/read, at last, a meaningful response from a responsible person here. Thank you!

Whether it was a bug or not, however, this incident has made a deep mark of its own in our impression and trust on the so-beloved tiny little piece of gold - the utorrent - by now. More than the fact that it was installing almost by itself (at least by users who are less watchful) or it was difficult to uninstall, or it was trying to grab the browser interface layers, this viral-like program looked like deliberately trying to be inconspicuous / invisible. For example, after it had HIJACKED the Firefox searchbar, all you would see was a naive-looking lens icon with no associate text label (unlike google/bing/ask etc. would show).

In any case, if all can be well, we would continue to use utorrent. But only with a pinch of salt, at least for some time from now.

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during uninstall a server either timed-out or failed to connect for some reason.

What server is that? And why will any server (and being connected to the Internet) be required for uninstalling at all ? It sounds pretty much against BT's user privacy protection policy :(

I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate that you took the time to provide the feedback for us to track and fix the issue.


If I may suggest, Catherine, that as a way of apology, you guys disable the option to install this toolbar as default. Anyone who does want to install it will check/enable it. Also - please add "install uTorrent checkbox, grayed out and enabled to the same install dialog - for clarity. This way, I guarantee 0% users' mistakes, and 100% users' satisfaction.

How about that ?

And have a happy new year!

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Now that's not very clear is it? I unchecked all three checkboxes and VOILA, I have no idea what is going to happen if I click on the "(V)Install" button.

I just downloaded this tonight, Jan 3 2011 and I am installing on a clean installation (Win 7). I now have two options ... install 2.0.4 or switch to something else. I've been a big fan since the beginning, but it sounds like time for a change. :mad:

And yes - as a software architect myself - the new interface sucks balls. It's actually embarrassing :/

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Just became a member to say goodbye and to thank you for F*****g up my pc. While installing the new Utorrent some securityprograms kept giving popups. I thought that it was neccesary to do some things, but some were suspicious and I think I blocked at least 1 thing. I unticked the boxes before installing, but I think I overlooked the toolbartext, because it was written after the normal "I accept the agreement". Really slimey business which I totaly and logically didn't expect from Utorrent. I can't uninstall the toolbar and therefor must install a new image which sets me back a long time. Thanks for hours of work :| and have fun with your "earned" money :rolleyes:. Have to look for a trusthworthy client now.

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