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Don't Write 'Banned' Data


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This is sort of a repeat from last time....

Look - when I select certain files to download, I understand (because of the whole 'piece' issue) that some files that are around the files that are set to download need to be partially downloaded.

But, I dont like going into the folder after the download is complete and finding all these partial files or empty folders lying strewn about - especially when I didnt want them downloaded in the first place.

Now, How about making it so that these files are not written, or else are deleted when the percent of download that I wanted in the first place is reached?

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Which version of uTorrent are you using?

In 1.1.4 it uses a partfile instead ~uTorrentPartFile????????.dat

If you set the files to skip BEFORE the files have been created, it will put them in the partfile instead of creating them on the disk.

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