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high ram usage


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i'm using win 7 x64 and utorrent 2.2. my client runs 24/7 on a core 2 duo 6700 with 8gb of ram.

utorrent is configured to use the cache as much as possible in an effort to use the hdd as little as possible.

caching config (as it appers on the cache config page):

-override automatic cache size...: unchecked

-reduce memory when not needed: check

-caching of writes: check (the 2 suboptions unchecked)

-caching of reads: checked (1st 2 options checked, increase cache: checked)

-disable windows caching of disk reads/writes: unchecked

so basically i want utorrent ot use as much memory for caching reads and writes (within a limit of course: less than 100mbytes) and not force writing of data to disk or disable caching. the idea is to let utorrent to cache stuff (for active torrents) and then let windows do its caching and use the remaining memory. when seeding (as i do now) utorrent is using ~20megs read cache and around 40megs as an aplication.

issue is that in resource monitor (provided in the os) i see the "in use memory" (which is used by programs) creeps up over time and the "standby memory"(windows cache) goes down. after about a week the "in use memory" gets to 4-6gbs. the normal "in use" ram is around 2gigs with some common apps running. thing is none of the apps reports to use a big chunk of memory to justify the 4-6gb of ram "in use". at first it seemed strange and started closing apps. after closing utorrent the "in use memory" goes down tremendously and the "in use" ram goes to the normal ~2gigs. if i'm not mistaking utorrent has system caching of read/writes disabled (as default). not really how it does this. but when system caching is enabled some leak seems to go on and the leal keeps building up taking gigs of ram. any ideas?

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seems yesterday i was too positive about the evolution of the leak. today, after less than 24hours "in use" memory is 6946 megs. this leaves 934 megs for "standby" ram. need more details?

later: decided to stop utorrent. gave the close command and the client exited gracefully. after a few seconds something funny happened: in resource monitor "in use" memory started dropping and "standby" memory claimed that. in a matter of secods "in use" went from 7gigs to aound 1,5gigs and "standby" memory reclaimed the difference. as i said all this happened in 10 seconds or so. it's like the "standby" memory is "secured" by utorrent. is this behaviour normal?

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as process explorer shows (been using it for years) utorrent does not have more than 50megs used (virtual, private, working set etc). however resource monitor shows that almost all the ram is used by apps (the "in use" memory). when i close and only when i close utorrent, the application memory ("in use") drops to normal. it seems related to utorrent. :|


above you have the doc containing the process xp dump. resource monitor shows 3,4gb used, up from 1,5gigs a few hours ago.

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well... disabling windows read/write caching does what it says it does. however you may have noticed in my first post that i would like to let windows cache as much as possible as this machine has ram to spare. right now... windows caches none of the files served by utorrent (can see that using rammap). smart caching is one of the fetures that makes win7 feel smooth so i'd really want to be able to use it.

overriding utorrent cache size and setting it to a big value would hog the ram. not disabling the windows caching in utorrent makes windows report a lot of in use memory (app memory) with no app claiming it and this probably hurts windows caching as apparently most of the ram is reported as used by apps.

my target is to let windows cache as much as it can the files used by utorrent so disk activity will be as low as possible. utorrent caching reads/writes using tens of ram does a good job. besides that windows should be able to use all available ram for caching (when the machine is not doing anything else). ideas on how to fix this?

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