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Speed graphs looking like my relationships...


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Yeah... kinda like my relationships. They build up to a nice point and BAM suddenly they decide to just die (killing my whole internet/love life with it). Basically what my problem is, is that torrents will build up some speed and then suddenly my whole computer will lose access to internet.

I have tried:

1) ctrl+g speed guide

2) did this stuff to no avail

After doing 1) and 2), here's my new speed graph:


(you can see that I tried limiting the downloads to 500 kbps which didn't really work. The section in which nothing is downloading is when I stopped my dl-ing torrents to do 1) and 2))

(As I'm posting this, I just found this which I will proceed to try after I take a nice long bathshower.)


Forums truncated my pics... so here's the first and the second.

5 second interval version of the second is located here

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I have the same problem now. What is very interesting when speed drops in the program it is absolutly no internet connection, even web pages wont open. I have used this torrent program for more than 3 years and its the first time i discover such a problem. Ieven tried changing my router, reinstalling windows, but it wont help.

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Hm.. so weird thing:

Now I'm downloading from a private tracker (as opposed to the above post where it was a public site), and the internet is working just swell. I'm only connected to like 10 people though, whereas on the public site I was connected to maybe 100+


just kidding, it died again.. but it too much longer. Still have no idea what's wrong

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I can download things from http

I thought the issue was uploading, not downloading. Test you moninal HTTP upload speed.

Hmm? If you look at my graphs, both upload/download die together... I meant that when I download from http, nothing ever dies which suggests:

1) Upload problem

2) Non-80 port usage problem

But I can't seem to get any way for my torrents download without the issues outlined in my original post... :(

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