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Rename and still sharing


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Sometimes I get a file with a very big and wierd name, things like "HttYd-DVDRip-720-byMoNsTeR.avi". Then I rename that to "How to Train Your Dragon.avi" and move a folder I create inside the to "My Videos" folder (that's in "My Documents" folder), to get organized, that I call "How to Train Your Dragon".

As I wish to seed, to share that file I right click on the Torrent Jobs List (that became RED 'cause the uTorrent couldn't find that) and choose "Advanced" and "Set Download Location". Some times the uTorrent allows me to find the .AVI renamed and the new content folder, where i've stored that. In this case I can seed nomaly. But sometimes the uTorrent only ask me for the new location only, the new folder, but as i've renamed the .AVI file, the uTorrent can't find this.

And another problem: sometimes, with the .AVI file comes a lot of unimportant files, like .TXTs with techinical info, or a misterious file type .NFO. As I don't want to keep these files taking space from my HD, I delete them all and keep only the .AVI file and my language subtitle (Brazilian Portuguese), offen took from a subtitle site. In this case, Id like to keep sharing only the .AVI and, if it's possible, the subtitle file.

Please, excuse my not-too-good English and answer me: what can I do to fix these two issues?


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Yes! I got a lot of nice movies, a lot of hours of enterteinment, culture... if I became a little wise it's, in a big part, because the moveis I watched and think about. And there's a lot of movies I got from others users of uTorrent. Why can't I share these movies with other? The binary file is here, I've just changed the file name... I believe the uTorrent can check if a file is the same of another beyond the file name, something like CRC (whatever it is). Can?

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