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uTorrent-uTorrent connection problem?


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For a while I have been detecting the following problem of uploading (when I'm seeding a file): when starting a seed, several peers join and start to load from me with 100-200 KB/s or so. After 10-12 seconds their speed drops down to about 1 Kb/s and remains constantly at that level.

Consider the followings:

In about 90% of the cases the other partner uses uTorrent or BitTorrent, too.

My firewall, port forwarding, half-open etc. settings are OK, and have not been changed for a long time.

I have no problem with the general upload speed of my internet connection (about constant 20 MB) and this upload problem concerns ONLY uTorrent.

I came across with the same problem using other PC with other ISP.

This effect does not disturb me very much, however, I'm curious that anyone else has come across a similar problem?

Could it be a throttle arising from ISPs that affects uTorrent more seriously than other programs?

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