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Error: Element not found

Elder Druid

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Well, when we can't give an answer to a legitimate question, then we avoid the question and we turn the attention to the user and his computer. When the user insists to get a decent answer, even an "I don't know" will qualify as one, then we move the thread to trash. My problem wasn't solved, I produced the required logs, I answered the questions, I got no answer to my specific question. I was told that it will be considered as not a contained to my computer problem if there was at least one such report every 2 months, the same day another user, stu8080 I believe, reported the same problem. Instantly, the "I never claimed to be a nice guy", moderator moved my thread to trash without answer my question even thought I did his. I wonder why? We hadn't finished our communication. Is it because another guy reported the same problem, not in a month's time or a two months time but in the same day and he would have to start considering it as a real program's problem?

Being a μTorrent user for many years, using it happily, never complained once, I deserve a better treatment, and an answer to my logical and well founded questions. I also request a personal communication with one of the devs where we can communicate as one professional to another and tackle the problem, which by the way I am not the only one having it.

The problem started when I accepted the update, the new version 2.2 halts my torrent jobs quoting th Element not found error. I believe that it's a false report generated by something else. Also the downloading speed was reduced to a crawl. The 2.04 version and all the previous ones never produced the said error. My question is why and I want a qualified response with facts. I am a professional myself and I do understand the lingo. I am almost certain that it has nothing to do with my computer. I say almost because I haven't finished checking absolutely everything, although I had no new installations of software or hardware or tweaking of any kind after the update and for quite a time now.

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