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I am trying to create a torrent file with a web seed (programmaticly, through bencoding), but it never seems to work. When I open the torrent file, it just says 0 availability and does not download. I am the only peer in the swarm, and the web seed is acting as an initial seed.

I also tried opening it in transmission, which displays the web seed url but refuses to download.

Is this the expected behavior when there are no peers? What am I missing?

here's some of my code:

$torrent['announce'] = 'http://flashseed.com:2710/'.$passkey.'/announce';

$torrent['info']['name'] = $file->name;
$torrent['info']['piece length'] = (int) $file->piece_length;
$torrent['info']['pieces'] = $file->pieces;
$torrent['info']['length'] = (int) $file->size;

$torrent['url-list'] = 'http://'.$server->address.'/files/'.$file->id;

return $this->bencode($torrent);

you can also try it out at www.flashseed.com (in development!). The rest of the site works fine..

edit: using utorrent 1.02(23439) on mac osx leopard

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